Canyon Secret Service

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This low/mid-level mission starts in the Canyon Facility and has (new) Twilight Guardian Runners travel to Neocron City.

Mission 1 - Canyon Secret Service Mission - Required Rank:Level 20

Hati Mati wants you to find Bames Jond in the Industrial Area Sector 1 of Neocron City. Deliver the suitcase to him.
Mission Time: 8 Days


Hati Mati



Bames Jond



Agent M

  • Speak to Hati Mati at the Yagers Inn on the ground level of the Canyon Facility.
  • Hati Mati has a top secret mission to infiltrate Neocron City to support an undercover agent.
  • Take the TGIS Suitcase to Bames Jond in Industrial A Sector 1 in Neocron City.
  • Defeat the 3 ambushing NCSS Agent.
  • Speak to Mr. Jond again.
  • Turn in Bames' NCSS Datacube to Agent M in Via Rosso Sector 3 to complete the mission.

Mission Rewards

  • 6000 NC credits