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Claw of the Lizard

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Claw of the Lizard

General Carter on top of the Watchtower by the Eastern Road in H_11
  • Talk to General Carter in H 11 to start the Mission
  • He is standing on the Watchtower by the Road in the East
  • You need to be rank xx/55 without implant bonuses to be able to start this mission

Mission 1

Dr. Lennard on top of the Watchtower at the Northern Crossroad in I_03
  • General Carter sends you out to seek missing scientist Dr. Lennard in I 03
  • He is located on the Watchtower at the Northern Crossroad
  • Dr. Lennard will request that you help him with his search for the missing Soldiers
  • There should be markers guiding you to the corpses of Lieutenant Cortez and Private Lance
  • After you searched their Bodies for their Dogtags, you go back to Dr. Lennard to report your findings
  • He sends you back to General Carter to report
  • Reporting to General Carter concludes the first Mission

Mission 2

For this mission carry with you at least 125.000NC and 2x Synthetic Wine Plus
Mad Scientist Jupiter near Mutant Pool OZ_2, fenced in next to the Shutter Doors leading to OZ_1
  • Speak to General Carter again and he sends you back to I 03 to aid Dr. Lennard
  • Dr. Lennard found non-Human DNA on the Dogtags and wants you to look for a Specialist named Jupiter in OZ sector 2
  • Jupiter is close to the GR OZ Mutant Pool, he is fenced in at the corner next to the shutter doors leading to OZ_1
  • He demands 250k and 2 synthetic Wine Plus for his services, however you can bargain it down to 125k and the Wine
  • After you gave him the cash, the Wine and the Blood sample, he tells you to wait a few minutes
  • Wait 5 Real Life minutes and talk to him again

Mission 3

For this mission carry with you 2x unidentified lowtech part
Terminal in I_03 close to the Western Sector Boarder
Terminal Map Location
  • Speaking to General Carter once more starts the 3rd Mission
  • You are ordered to help Dr. Lennard to kill the Lizard
  • Once you arrived at Dr. Lennard again he will tell you that he still needs 2 unidentified lowtech Parts from you to continue
  • Give him the Parts then he will instruct you that you need to activate some device that you will recognize when you see it
  • Its a Terminal close to the Boarder to I_02
  • Activate it and wait 5 Real Life minutes
  • Activate it again to spawn the Lizard (Rank 95)
  • After killing the Lizard, loot it for its claw to prove the Kill to Dr. Lennard
  • Go to Dr. Lennard to show him the proof. He is delighted to see you killed it and hopes it was the only one of its kind
  • Now he sends you back to General Carter again for a last report
  • General Carter will give you the Claw of the Lizard as a Reward when you talk to him

Mission Rewards

Claw of the Lizard

Claw of the Lizard