Dome of York Guardian

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DoY Guardian
Image of DoY Guardian
Race Human
118/118 ***
Damage types

x-ray Damage
energy Damage

Armour types

Resists piercing Damage
Resists energy Damage

DoY Guardian on usual duty

The equivalent of STORM Bots of Neocron City. When you see some teared-down brick walls or a set of antennas in the northern Wastelands, they are usually guarded by a DoY Guardian, however useless their duty may look like.


One type of the survivors of the neutron bomb attack of the Dome of York by the city of Neocron and their leading faction City Admin, the Dome of York Guardians were the Guardians to the Dome of York's entrances. In more recent times, the factions that settled within the Dome have used their own guards to compliment the Guardians for the city's primary line of defence.


These NPCs are considered to be the "police" force of the Dome of York, the Pro City equivalent are the S.T.O.R.M. Bots.

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