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Faction medal

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Two faction medals on display
The 3 Fallen Angels Faction Medals

Faction Medals are very rare special rewards to runners. They are rewarded to runners of outstanding bravery, or for making an outstanding contribution to the runner's own faction in some way.

Types of medals

There are 3 levels of Faction medals, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each playable Faction has unique names for each level of medal.

If you collect all 3 medals for the same faction, you are entitled to collect the Faction Reward.

Medal names

Faction Bronze Silver Gold
City Admin - - -
BioTech - - -
Diamond Real Estate - - -
Tangent Technologies - - -
NEXT - - -
Protopharm - - -
Twilight Guardian - - -
Fallen Angels Free Thinker Tech Wiz Tech Guru
Tsunami Syndicate - - -
Black Dragon - - -
Crahn - - -
City Mercs - - -

Medal rewarding

The medals are rewarded in game by characters from the Ceres project, usually in a special ceremony or meeting.

List of runners with Faction medals

The Voice of the Resistance publishes their list in the Outstanding Citizens section and the Neocronicle publishes their list in the the Citzens on Honour section. The City Mercs lists can be found in the Voice of the Resistance.

Faction rewards

It is believed that once a runner has collected all 3 faction medals for their faction, the runner is entitled to a faction reward. As very few people have the faction rewards, there is lot of speculation to what the rewards are.

List of rewards

Faction Reward Notes
City Admin Law Protector -
BioTech Biotech Multitask CPU -
Diamond Real Estate Diamond Gold Suite -
Tangent Technologies (Not known) Believed to be a Construction Tool
NEXT NEXT Nuvolari 78 SCR -
Protopharm HOPAS Implant -
Twilight Guardian (Not known) -
Fallen Angels Heaven's Gate Hacktool -
Tsunami Syndicate (Not known) -
Black Dragon (Not known) Reward believed to be a Flamethrower
Crahn (Not known) Reward believed to be a special dagger
City Mercs (Not known) -