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Ferguson Run

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In order to collect the parts required for Ion Shotgun Weapons you will need to gain access to the Terminals in the High Sec Logins. These cannot be accessed unless you absolve this Run first.


Organise five #0122-VGPX Code-Fragments for Mr. Ferguson. In return he will give you access to the secret Phoenix NC databases
Frank Ferguson
Hacknet Map

To initiate this run you must have at least 100 Base Hack (no drugs or imps etc)

  • Report to Frank Ferguson, who is located in Techhaven SEC-2, near the Techhaven Trades.
  • you will need to make your way through Hacknet to find the five code fragments for him.
  • Head to the Techhaven Bridgelink. The fragments are found inside storage containers located in the three Damaged Data Storages connected to the Techhaven Bridgelink.
  • After you retrieve five, go back to Ferguson and complete the quest.
  • Now you will be able to access the Terminals.

Mission Rewards

  • 10,000 XP in all skills.