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Game Mechanics

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Neocron Is at heart a FPS aka First person shooter. what this means is there is no auto targeting or auto attacking options. you have to keep clicking on your target to keep s shooting. and if your target moves you need to move also. This adds a HUGE amount of skill to pvp and even pve elements. the Law Enforcer chip was made to separate PVP and PVE players though a lot of PVP people wish there was more of a penalty for LE users. most PVE players and tradeskill lovers are glad there is not.


Another aspect that is different is the Skill system they have. if you use a skill you get exp in that skill and the skill can level up. when a skill levels you get 5 points to put in ANY skill of the set. IE as you get better at shooting your gun you also get better at dex based tradeskills like recycle and helpful skills like agility aka dodging and running faster. it is kinda realistic if you work out by carying around a heavy weapon you can carry more stuff total.

just about anything can be constructed in game or at least copied (cloned) with the exception of tools, decorations, rares and the goo used in tradeskilling be cause they were made to be a money sink


The user interface may seem a tad clunky by todays standards but ot was what modern mmos were based on. you can customize things using Set_Commands with these you can tweak sound, color, graphic settings, even reset your position or even kill yourself. (a running gag in the chat channals is telling people to type "/set kill_self" if they whine about dying people laugh). If your an experienced game moder you can go into neocrons ini files and modify the mp3 selection, hudcolors, even the hud.


Another thing that seems a bit clunky compared to other mmos. to alter chat setting you need to open your hypercom (F1) and tinker with it. Even direct chatting (DM) requres you to open the hypercom and type in the name you wish to send a tell to. A lot of people chat, trade, etc on the "help" channal cause it is such a pain to change to the trade or ooc channals. one thing that is cool is neocron's Emotes are rigged to go off based on any word in thier set and every emote has 5-15 words. its funny to hear somone who just discoved that not only does neocron have no vulgarity filtering. some vulgar words have emotes attached.