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Herbal Hunt

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The Herbal Hunt Mission from Gerald Forsyte. The reward you get a 5 use drug called amphidextrine which gives +5 CON.

Main Mission - Required Rank: */??

Tip: He's in the northeast corner of Viarosso Sec-2, on the upper level, near the entrance to Proto Pharm HQ
  • He will tell you to find the chemicals used to make amphidextrine, in return he will give you some of his stock.
  • The chemicals (6 different ones) can be found in the loot dropped from three plants.
Tip: The plants are ranked 80/80 so they do quite a bit of poison damage if you get hit, so be prepared.
Tip: Below the center part of the zone but north of a large body of water that cuts across a large part of the south of the zone. Be careful, for a Swamp Strangler usually sits there near the plant, sending out waves of tentacles at you.
Tip: Center-south of the zone, below the road. You'll have to go around the water that laps at the side of the road to get to it. The handy thing about that spot is, there is a lot of trees near it that gives you cover if you're fighting it on foot.
Tip: Rather more difficult to access, especially from a vehicle. You'll have to go south to the large building that sits across the road, then to the west you'll see a narrow spit of land that serves as the building's foundation. You'll have to go across that, across the water to the west, before you come to a small island where the plant sits.
  • Once you have collected all the chemicals, and killed all of the plants twice you can return to Gerald Forsyte and turn in the chemicals for your reward!
Tip: Tip: There's a fair bit of bugginess with this mission. Namely, in that the mission only checks if you've killed the first plant in D05 two times. The NPC also leaves a lot of glands in your inventory after you finish the mission. If you do some harvesting ahead of time (take mission [I don't think that's even necessary], kill first plant, go to other plants and kill them repeatedly for excess glands, then go back and kill first plant to fulfill mission), then you can completely skip killing the other two plants in later Amphitdextrite missions... just get mission, kill the D05 plant two times, GR out of Gravis to PP HQ, rinse and repeat. Oh, and remember: each time you start the abbreviated mission, don't have the chemicals in your inventory. Keep them in the gogo or something.


1 x Amphidextrine - 5 use drug which gives +5 CON.