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Mapping Guide

You want to help but don't know where to start?
This easy step guide will walk you through how to create or amend an article and collect information from in game.

Where to start

GenrepNeocronMrs SungSimmons FactoryBroadcast Tower (A 06)Broadcast Tower (A 06)Broadcast Tower (A 06)B 06A 07B 07
A 06.png


  • Map Icon Zone.png Wasteland Zone
  • Map Icon Outpost.png Outpost Zone
  • Map Icon Outpost Factory.png Outpost Zone (Factory)
  • Map Icon Outpost Lab.png Outpost Zone (Lab)
  • Map Icon Outpost Mine.png Outpost Zone (Mine)
  • Map Icon Outpost Fortress.png Outpost Zone (Fortress)
  • Map Icon Zone City.png City
  • Map Icon Factory.png Outpost (Factory)
  • Map Icon Lab.png Outpost (Lab)
  • Map Icon Mine.png Outpost (Mine)
  • Map Icon Fortress.png Outpost (Fortress)
  • Map Icon Gogo.png Go-Guardian
  • Map Icon Genrep.png Genrep
  • Map Icon Asg.png ASG
  • Map Icon Ceres Lab.png Ceres Lab Entrance
  • Map Icon Doy Tunnel.png DoY Tunnel Entrance
  • Map Icon Doy Tunnel.png DoY Tunnel (Up)
  • Map Icon Doy Tunnel.png DoY Tunnel (Down)
  • Map Icon Doy Tunnel.png DoY Tunnel Exit to surface
  • Map Icon Cave.png Entrance to a Dungeon
  • Map Icon Cave.png Entrance to Regants Legacy
  • Map Icon Cave.png Entrance to Gaia Mine
  • Map Icon Interest.png Area of Interest
  • Map Icon Zone Entrance.png Entrance to a City
  • Map Icon Zone Entrance.png Entrance to Neocron
  • Map Icon Zone Entrance.png Entrance to Techhaven
  • Map Icon Zone Entrance.png Entrance to Military Base
  • Map Icon Zone Entrance.png Entrance to Twilight Guardian
  • Map Icon Zone Entrance.png Entrance to Dome Of York
  • Map Icon Npc.png NPC
  • Map Icon Vendor.png Vendor
  • Map Icon Smuggler.png Smuggler

Think of a sector you wish to explore, first check to see the map has been setup and what information has already been collected on that sector.
Look here to see the world map, click on your selected sector to see the detail. For this example we will look at A 06

The first line of detail is a general summary, then which mobs are found in this sector subdivided into two sections.
Those that are found in great numbers and those less frequent but none the less still found.
Followed by NPC's found in the area and areas of interest. You should use this format when inputing your information.

Before you Launch Neocron

There is a minor change to enable the neocron client to record the damage of a mob. This does not normally effect your gameplay and is perfectly legal.

  • Find the Neocron folder installed on your PC inside find neocron.ini
  • Open the Neocron.ini in notepad
  • Add the line below to it and save
  • Note: If you PvP a lot, and you get odd freezes ingame with ENABLELOG = "TRUE", it is recommended you turn logging off. ie ENABLELOG = "FALSE"

More on what this gives you later!

Create a New Mob Page

First check to see if this mob already exists on the WIKI look HERE
There are four pieces of information you require to create a mob page.

  • Mob screenie
  • Mob name and rank
  • Mob damage
  • Mob loot

Lets talk through how to gather this information:

Mob Screenie

you have found a new mob in A 06 not yet recorded on the wiki

  • Take a screen via the F12 key in game, make sure the mob is center screen and the RPOS is not visible
  • These shots are found in the installation directory normally program files/neocron 2/Shots
  • Open the shot in image software or Paint if your like me! and crop to the mob only>>> FierceCavespider.jpg
  • Save the file called by the mob name as a .jpg and Upload the file

Mob Name and rank

Note the EXACT mob name and the rank numbers and indicator.

  • i.e. Fierce Cavespider 6/6 //

Mob Damage

Deliberately take several hits from the mob. This is to ensure you capture all the damage a mob can do.
Mobs can do several types of damage depending on range and attack.

  • The damage log is found in the installation directory normally program files/neocron 2/logs
  • Open Damage_00 in notepad and scroll down untill you find the mob. this will look like :-
DAMAGEINFO - Damage (FIERCE CAVESPIDER): WeaponID 0, DmgID 3051, DmgFac 0.100, Energy 12.797, Effect 0.000, Height 75.000

DamageCause: No weapon!
DamageType: Direct!
INS - PCR: 5.119
INS - POR: 7.678

The damage types are the last items, in this case PCR and POR
There are several types:

  • PCR = Piercing
  • POR = Poison
  • FCR = Force
  • FIR = Fire
  • ENR = Energy
  • XRR = Xray

Mob loot

Take note of what items the mob drops when you kill it.

Putting it all together

Start by creating a new page making sure to adhere to the Naming convention
Add a short description of the mob then utilise the NpcBox. Add this to the page and complete as described on the template page.

  • complete the name
  • Image name
  • Level
  • type
  • etc.

In order to add loot links to the THN database you will need to read up on the THNapi Here

Last add the category tag Category:Hostile NPC's

Once complete, click show preview to ensure it looks ok then Save Page!

Here is our completed example - Fierce Cavespider

Create a New NPC page

Create a New area of interest

Modify the map image to reflect a new NPC or area of interest

Here you can find a very informative guide on how to add to the map