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Help wanted - Item DB updates for Neocron 2.5

All updates should be submitted to The current Help wanted list is as follows:-

  • Armour - Updates needed: TL, Requirements, Armour values, and names need to be updated.

Editing tips

  • Please ensure you visit the Item Attributes tab and update values there.
  • If you see a green or yellow ! in the item, it's likely there is an update already for item.
  • Not all items icons are available. They will be added by the THN admin.
  • Please do not put updated item values in the description.
  • Updating the description is optional and please do not use ALL CAPS.
  • When editing the attributes for armour, ensure you don't confuse them with resist skill values.
  • Official patches notes are here -
  • Virtus of the NST has produced a list of updated items in a spreadsheet - You can view it on the Official Neocron Discord Server
  • Fell free to contact me on Discord (@Brammers) with any questions.

Sections done

These sections are marked as done.

Help wanted - Wiki

You can help the Neocron community and the wiki by updating articles as you read them. In this section there are specifics to what help is needed. If you want to help, the best is:-

  • Get a wiki account. If you don't have one, follow the instructions on this page to get one.
  • Just do it - any changes are visible in Special:RecentChanges pages, so check there for progress.
  • Please considering adding a note on the Talk page with your intentions, it lets others knows what's happening.
  • If someone is working on an article, have a quick discussion on the talk page to avoid any edit wars. :)

Help wanted - Mission guides needed

Help wanted - Moving content to the wiki

Guides and resources on are old and often out of date. Due to the restrictions of the CMS used, it's not possible for community members to update them. To allow the guides to be updated by the community, the content is are being transferred to the wiki. The process is as follows.

  • Copy the content to the wiki
  • Copy the images to the wiki.
  • Apply simple wiki markup to update the layout and add wiki links to NPC's Locations etc.
  • Update the content, eg Update starter NPC locations etc.
  • Please use Item DB links.
  • Once the pages are complete, the THN admin will add a redirect from the old pages to the new wiki pages.

Vehicle guide

Profession Guides