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Profession Guides

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A snapshot of the Profession selection screen

Professions are the first thing you will be asked to choose when you enter into Character creation. The intent behind professions is to try and make character creation easier by eliminating choices and presetting some skills, especially for putting new players on an easier path for creating characters. However, since Neocron is basically a "free-form" game, all the profession choice truly does is rule out some class options and set your starting equipment. You can, and in a lot of cases should, reset your skills to your own liking.

For example, the infiltrator starts with Pistol skill and will start with a pistol but there is nothing to stop you from changing it to rifle or melee combat and buying a pistol weapon later in the game and using Loss of Memory pills to re-roll your character's skills.

Professions Available

Mr. Jones Starter Missions

Profession will also Determine your "Mr. Jones" mission. These missions will usually get you a nice weapon or Tech Level90 tool, Some give a decorative object as well. Be warned that characters that start off in the Military Base do NOT get "Mr. Jones" mission since it is considered an "advanced" area. So if you choose the City Mercs as your faction, your Profession choice is mostly cosmetic.

Mission Walkthroughs