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Repair Device


The infiltrator is a combination of reconnaissance and fighter. He is to find out about enemy strength and their strategic placing. For him stealth tactics and camouflage technologies are vital. You will find him in the fight in short to medium distance, from where he thins out enemy troops. Many scouts have a fundamental knowledge in hacking and are often seen on hoverbikes which improve their manoeuvrability further. For those reasons the Spy is the only class to present good scouts. Private Eyes could become infiltrators too but for them it is much harder because of their missing camouflage technology. A good tradeskill like repair is also useful as you can go places most other's can not.

Classes and Skills

Classes Available: Private Eye, Spy

Primary Skill: Hightech combat (T-C)

Secondary Skills: Hacking (HCK), Repair (REP), Vehicle use (VHC)