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A typical looking weapon (executioner).


Assassins specialize in long-range combat. A Runner downed in a wide-open space by a sudden hail of bullets has most likely become an Assassin’s victim. Most of these specialists wield sniper rifles or assault rifles, as their victim cannot determine which direction it was attacked from. Many Assassins also possess the Implanting skill, while others are accomplished Hackers. Assassins usually employ a hit and run strategy. Some, however, are bold or skilled enough to shoot their target in melee combat, more often than not causing havoc. These hotheaded Runners tend to be Private Eyes. Spies are even more lethal: Relying heavily on modern stealth technology due to their physical deficiencies, they remain invisible even in wide-open areas.

Classes and Skills

Classes available: Private Eye, Spy

Primary skill: Rifle combat (R-C)

Secondary skills: Hightech combat (T-C), Hacking (HCK), Implant (IMP)

Starter Equipment

On awakening in Mc5 you will have the following equipment: