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Vehicle Key


Drivers are the mechanised and motorized infantry in every fight. There are some drivers in every bigger fighting unit, because there is always more work for them. On their fast hoverbikes they reconnoitre the battlefield in the shortest of times. In heavy troop transports their own troops are brought into the battle area. Enemy troops are weakened decidedly and eliminated by heavy armour and from air shots and bombs are sprinkled over the battle area. Most of the drivers know about repairs, so that they can get their vehicles moving again in the field. The Private Eye is, because of his manifold talents, found behind the steering wheel as well as behind the onboard cannon. A Gentank could do these things without effort, but there are not too many gentanks among the drivers, as they have far better alternatives. Spies you will find as drivers as well, even though they cannot operate the cannons, because of their lack of physical strength. You will find hoverbike-riding Monks, there are no monks that work vehicles exclusively.

Popular gear

Vehicle Interface V1.3   NEXT Reveler-Chaincraft V.2.5  

Classes and Skills

Classes available: Private Eye, Spy, Gentank

Primary skill: Vehicle use (VHC),

Secondary skills: Pistol combat (P-C), Repair (REP), Weapon Lore (WEP)