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Mr Jones Smuggler Mission Guide

Mission 1 - Delivery Problems

Mr. Jones wants you to find out why the last delivery still hasn't arrived. Find Rob Floran. He is supposed to be in the Smugglers Cave. Report to Mr. Jones when you're back
Entrance to Smugglers Cave
  • Return to Mr. Jones in your apartment to finish this mission.

Mission Rewards

Mission 2 - The Supplier

Mr. Jones received some intel that the supplier is currently in the Digging Site. Find out why Ern Logan has been delayed
  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
The Digging Site
  • Head to Pepper Park SEC-2 and find the Digging Site Entrance. Find Ern Logan there and talk to him about the shipment.
  • Return to your apartment and tell Mr. Jones the bad news to complete the mission.

Mission Rewards

  • 2,000 Experience Points in Intelligence
  • 2,000 NC credits

Mission 3 - Recovery

Mr. Jones wants you to recover the supplies. Dispatch of Travis Dreadd if the need arises. He should still be around the Smugglers Cave
  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
  • Make your way back to the Smugglers Cave in Pepper Park 3 and talk to Travis Dreadd to obtain the shipment.
  • Return the smuggler wares to Mr. Jones to complete the quest and get your reward.

Mission Rewards