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Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is your new contact within the Neocron. After you leave the Area MC5 Processing Facility and GR to your apartment for the first time, you will meet Mr. Jones. You may and it is recommended to begin his missions as soon as you talk to him. He will introduce you to a series of three Starter Missions, and after finishing each mission you will receive a job-specific reward. If you choose not to run the Starter Missions you may dismiss Mr. Jones but be warned, he does not like to be messed around and will not give you a second chance. The Starter Missions can be done by players with a base rank of up to 25.


Some rewards are certainly more valuable than others. For example, the only way a Private Eye can use a stealth tool is by using the one provided by the Jones reward for Infiltrator. Likewise, the Quad from the Driver reward requires minimal vehicle use and can never be truly destroyed.

Hack tools

 TLItem nameProfession
1TL 90 Hacktool

Stealth Tools

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirementsDuration
10Stealth Tool (Spy)Class:Spy 5 secs
10Stealth Tool (Private Eye)Class:Private Eye 5 secs

Tradeskill Tool

 TLItem nameProfession
90TL90 Construction Tool
90TL90 Research Tool

Placeable Object

 TLItem nameProfession

Remote Weapon (Drone)

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
15ZG 21 DroneDEX:10 WPW:12 RCL:25 

Hightech Rifle

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
10Sniper RifleR‑C:40 

Vehicle Key

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirementsPassengers
15NEXT QuadVHC:15 None

Lowtech Melee Weapon

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements

Brain CPU

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirementsModifiers
5Experience Memory Barter CPU V0.01BRT:15 BRT:+5.60

PPU Module

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
10Crahn's RejuvenationPPU:30 
10Crahn's RejuvenationPPU:30 

APU Module

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
7Crahn's JusticePSI:7 APU:26 FCS:8 
10Cleaning FirePSI:10 APU:37 FCS:12 

Lowtech Heavy Weapon

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
10F12 FlamerSTR:10 H‑C:25