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    Mr Jones Soldier Mission Guide

    Mission 1 - Corpse

    Mr. Jones asked you to inquire about the prostitution murders in the Dirty Sewer (PLAZA SEC-4).
    Dirty Sewers
    • Head to the Dirty Sewer in Plaza SEC-4, located near the Medicare.
    • Find your way through the Dirty Sewers to the Corpse, loot it for information.
    • Return to Mr. Jones with the information to complete the mission.

    Mission Rewards

    • 1,000 Experience Points in Strength
    • 1,000 NC credits

    Mission 2 - Starlet

    Mr. Jones wants you to follow up on a lead, talk to Starlet in PEPPER SEC-3
    • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment again, he tells you to find Starlet in Pepper Park SEC-3.
    Tip: Starlet is found near the GeneReplicator
    • When you begin to speak with her, she drops and gets scared because 3 Inquisitors (Level 10/10) will spawn and cut off the conversation. Kill them and then resume talking to her.
    • Return to Mr. Jones in your apartment to complete the mission..

    Mission Rewards

    • 2,000 Experience Points in Strength
    • 2,000 NC credits

    Mission 3 - Rescue

    Mr. Jones wants you to take care of the problem. Go to Temple of Cleaning Fire (PEPPER SEC-2) and rescue the girl from their hands.
    Temple of Cleaning Fire
    • When you get to the temple, you will find two Inquisitors at the entrance, another six at the middle chamber and three in the back room. Along with a girl who you can't miss! In order to complete the mission you need only kill three of them (Level 10/10).
    Tip: You should activate the GeneRep nearest to the temple (in case you die)
    • Return to Mr. Jones to complete the mission and get your rewards.

    Mission Rewards