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    Mission 1 - The Pickup - Required Rank:*/1

    Mr. Jones wants you to pick up a rifle from Joe Montana in the Smugglers Cave (PEPPER SEC-3)


    Entrance to Smugglers Cave

    Mission Rewards

    • 1,000 Experience Points in Dexterity
    • 1,000 NC credits

    Mission 2 - The Information - Required Rank:*/1

    Meet up with Ben Norris in PEPPER SEC-1 and find out where the witness is hiding out. Make sure he doesn't get a chance to warn the witness


    Ben Norris

    • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment and get the Secured Sniper Rifle from him for this mission.
    • Head to Pepper Park 1 and talk to Ben Norris on the second level near the entrance to Twister.
    • Return to Mr. Jones with the information you have acquired from Ben Norris and give him his rifle back.

    Mission Rewards

    • 2,000 Experience Points in Dexterity
    • 2,000 NC credits

    Mission 3 - The Elimination - Required Rank:*/1

    Eliminate Kyle Barner and his protectors in the Abandoned Storage Room (PLAZA SEC-2) so that he'll be unable to testify in court


    Abandoned Storage Room

    • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission. He will give the Secured Sniper Rifle back to you for the mission.
    • Locate the Abandoned Storage Room in Plaza 2. Once in there, kill Kyle Barner.
    • Once Kyle is dead, head back to your apartment and talk to Mr. Jones to complete the mission. He will upgrade your rifle and allow you to keep it.

    Mission Rewards