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    Mission 1 - Defend - Required Rank:*/1

    Daniel Fong-Sai is being threatened. Go to PEPPER SEC-1 and make sure nothing happens to him.


    Daniel Fong-Sai

    • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
    • Go to Pepper Park SEC-1 and talk to Daniel Fong-Sai. He is on the upper level, above Medicare.
    • Once the Thugs are dead and you get the 'Mission Objective Completed" message, talk to Daniel again. He will give you a Broken Tsurugaoka-Sword.
    • Return to Mr. Jones with the sword to complete the mission.

    Mission Rewards

    • 1,000 Experience Points in Strength
    • 1,000 NC credits

    Mission 2 - Repair - Required Rank:*/1

    Mr. Jones wants you to take care of the sword's repairs. Bring it to Yamato Hiratoshi in Blacksmith Housing (PEPPER SEC-1) and get the smith everything he needs to repair the sword.


    Blacksmith Housing



    Entrance to Smugglers Cave

    • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment and get the Broken Sword from him for this mission.
    • Go back to Pepper Park SEC-1 and enter the Blacksmith Housing Sector next to Medicare on the lower-level. Give Yamoto Hiratoshi the broken sword. He will tell you he needs Shin-Metal.
    • Head to the Smugglers Cave in Pepper Park SEC-3. Talk to Nick Crawler at the entrance and obtain the Shin-Metal from him.
    • Return to the Blacksmith Housing in Pepper Park SEC-1 and give the metal to Yamato.
    • Return to Mr. Jones in your apartment and give him the sword to complete the mission.

    Mission Rewards

    • 2,000 Experience Points in Strength
    • 2,000 NC credits

    Mission 3 - Rescue - Required Rank:*/1

    Mr. Jones is in danger, go help him!
    • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment - he will tell you he has been chased to your apartment. Two (2) 5/5 Swordfighters will show up and attempt to kill you. Kill them instead.
    • Talk to Mr. Jones again and receive the Tsurugaoka-Sword as a reward for saving him.

    Mission Rewards