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A Claw weapon designed for Melee Tanks and Melee PE's.

Official description

The street samurai has decided on sword and dagger. Big swords, metal claws are dominating weapons in this profession. The street samurai does not carry heavy weapons nor plenty of ammunition, he is thus more maneuverable than his heavily armed brethren. He uses this ability in the fight and whoever underestimates him may find himself cut into thin slices on the floor after he made his mistake. A job for Gentanks and Private Eyes.


Cutting and stabbing weapons are Berserker's first choice. Swords, metal claws and lightsabers are typical tools of the trade. Not being burdened by cumbersome weapons or ammunition, a Berserker is more agile than a heavily armed runner an advantage which he puts to good use in combat situations. Anyone underestimating a Berserker might well find himself floored and resting in pieces in no time at all. Gentanks and Private Eyes most commonly use their physical prowess for this job.


Weapon Lore, since 2.2 is an influencing factor for the effectiveness of melee attacks, and as such those seeking to become proficient in melee combat should carefully consider whether or not to take up a secondary intelligence based subskill. Melee weapons still hit with not fully closed reticle but deal reduced damage.

Classes and Skills

Classes available: Private Eye, Gentank
Primary skill: Melee combat (M-C)
Secondary skills: Hightech combat (T-C)

Starter Equipment

On awakening in Mc5 you will have the following equipment: