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Mission 1 - Poisoned - Required Rank:*/1

A functionary seems to have been poisoned. Mr. Jones wants you to obtain a blood sample from Hermann Schmidt in PLAZA SEC-1


Hermann Schmidt

  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
  • Head to Plaza SEC-1 near Medicare and meet with a man named Hermann Schmidt in Rokkwear concerning his illness. Use the secret code phrase "Opposite Ends Meet" to gain his trust and obtain the blood sample.
  • Take the sample back to Mr. Jones in your apartment to complete the mission.

Mission Rewards

Mission 2 - Analysis - Required Rank:*/1

Mr. Jones wants you to get a full analysis of the blood sampe from Dr. Fleming in Biological Research Laboratory (PLAZA SEC-3). If Dr. Fleming needs anything, help him out. Bring the results back to Mr. Jones


Biological Research Lab

  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment again and obtain the same blood sample that you brought him in the previous mission.
  • You will be sent to the Biological Research Laboratory on the second level of Plaza SEC-3 to talk to Dr. Fleming. He will send you into the other room with 3 different shots to give to his pets. Speak to each of the pets individually, giving them shots, then return to Dr. Fleming again. He will give you the results of his analysis.

Update: Biological Research Lab location moved to below from where NaviCom leads you and shown on screenshot - near Terminals on the ground.

  • Exit the Lab via the Ladder and return to Mr. Jones in your apartment with the analysis to complete the mission.

Mission Rewards

  • 2,000 Experience Points in Psychic Power
  • 2,000 NC credits

Mission 3 - Anti-Poison - Required Rank:*/1

Have Lewis Moore in Research Laboratory (VIAROSSO SEC-3) produce the anti-poison. Bring it to Hermann Schmidt in PLAZA SEC-1 and finally return to Mr. Jones


Research Lab

  • Talk to Mr. Jones again in your apartment. He will inform you of the actual cause of the disease suffered by Mr. Schmidt.
  • Head to the Research Laboratory found in Viarosso SEC-3 and see Lewis Moore. After a rather long conversation with Mr. Moore who appears to be completely insane, leave the lab and go out to the level 1 Sewers just outside. Kill enough spiders, bees, flies, roaches, and whatever else you can to obtain 5 Green Poisongland to give to Lewis Moore.
  • Go back into the lab and speak to Lewis Moore again, at which point he will ask where you've been and why you're handing him poison glands. After the rather comical conversation is ended, he will hand you some anti-nanites.
  • Take the anti-nanites to Hermann Schmidt in Plaza SEC-1.
  • After issuing the nanites, return to Mr. Jones in your apartment to complete the mission receive your reward.

Mission Rewards

  • 3,000 Experience Points in Intelligence
  • 3,000 NC credits
  • Crahn's Rejuvenation

    Crahn's Rejuvenation