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Sewers are areas that are located underground in cities, mainly Neocron city zones. The lid of the sewer shows the general level of habitants. The inner city sewers are a good place to start ones career as they contain low level critters. Many of the very easy quick kill mission targets are found in them.

All sewers have two levels, one a catwalk of grating above and a water-filled trench with ledges on either side below. The area above contains masses of spiders, roaches, bees and flies, along with the occasional rat.

The area below spawns somewhat more difficult toxic plants that inflict poisoning.

Most inner city sewers have a hatch located underneath the catwalk in the same area as the ladder from the surface. This leads to a second, slightly higher level area populated by more difficult insects (including black roaches) and the occasional Beggar.

Sewer levelling

On the upper "catwalk" area all of the mobs can be easily dispatched with a stiletto (even by a spy) and provide excellent recycling fodder. Levels up top range from 1/1 to 6/6 at the most (the rats). the rearmost area of a sewer usually contains several hackable lock boxes.

Down below and in open two-story areas the plants range in level from 8/8 to 16/16 and provide excellent levelling fodder for mid-levels that do not have options available to deal with aggressors. the wide open areas in the dungeon layout with a large two-story area are excellent for young snipers to ply their trade. Plants also drop large amounts of basic chemicals, which can be a nice start at building up a chemical library for a constructor, or used to run recycling missions for additional faction reputation and money.

Famous Sewer Locations

Plaza 4- The sewers in plaza-4 have a large open area that spawns an abundance of immobile plant mobs. These can be an excellent way to level if you are not tough enough to head right from the spiders located on the catwalks to the aggie cellars. A great way for a rifle spy or PE to level until the point they can handle aggressors. There is also a cityterm nearby to pick up missions for cankered plants and toxic plants (easy quickjob).

Plaza 2- Located very close to a gogo and a Yo's to sell loot. and near the apartment lifts where starter apartments for several city factions are located.

List of Sewers

... and many more.