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Mr Jones Hacker Mission Guide

Mission 1 - Password

Obtain the password from Elliot Emons in PEPPER SEC-3. Afterwards bring the data from the Databank in the Small Database Link (PLAZA SEC-1) to Mr. Jones
Elliot Emons
Small Database Link
  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
  • Get the Password from Elliot Emmons in Pepper Park SEC-3. He is under the ramp by the Snack Attack near the Industrial Entrance.
  • Go to Plaza SEC-1, find and Hack the Small Database Link at the back of the NEMA Neocronicle Magazine Office opposite the ConCenter.
Tip: You will need your Hack Tool and at least 20 HCK Skill to get into the Database Link
  • Make your way to the top level in the Small Database Link, Be sure not to fall off the path! Give the password to the Database Terminal, the target box is located at the base.
Tip: If you fall you can only reach the platform via an ingame command to reset your Position: /set reset_position 1 : After a delay of 120 seconds, your position is reset to a predefined position in the same zone. All movement other than jumping, crouching and item use is disabled during this time
  • Return to Mr. Jones in your apartment with the data from Hacknet to complete the mission.

Mission Rewards

Mission 2 - Decoding (currently Bugged)

Mr. Jones wants you to take care of decoding the data. Use the Decryption Terminal in your Faction's DNS to get it done. After that load the data up at the Terminal in Upload Station (VIAROSSO SEC-1).
Upload Station
  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
  • Visit your Faction DNS Decryption terminal to decode the data
  • Go to Viarosso SEC-1 and find the Upload Station near the entrance to Biotech HQ. Hack your way in.
Tip: Have some Hacknet weapons and defenses on you. There will be Hacknet mobs in here to face!
  • Make your way to the Uplink Terminal across the zone and give it the data to decode.
  • Return to Mr. Jones in your apartment to complete the mission.

Mission Rewards

  • 2,000 Experience Points in Intelligence
  • 2,000 NC credits

Mission 3 - Delivery

Mr. Jones wants, you to pass on the password to Elliot Emons in PEPPER SEC-3

  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
  • Take the Password to Elliot Emmons in Pepper Park SEC-3. He will try to kill you after he gets it. You can either kill him or run away.
  • Return to Mr. Jones to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Mission Rewards

  • 3,000 Experience Points in Intelligence
  • 3,000 NC credits
  • TL 90 Hacktool  


  • Currently this Mr Jones quest for Patch 168 is bugged.
  • Here is a workaround for the 2nd hacker mission. Which one you use depends on the language settings of your client.
  • If you are running in German, simply skip the part in the DNS and proceed directly to the Upload Station. The upload terminal will accept the data anyway so you can return to Mr Jones to finish the mission.
  • If you are running in English, the only way to complete the mission is to change your client language for a short time. Cancel your running mission and log out. From the launcher, press 'Configuration' and switch your client language to German. Log in and restart the mission from Mr Jones. He will speak German, but don't worry too much about what he says as you saw the mission before anyway. Choose the 2nd chat option "Stets zu dienen" to start the mission. Once the mission is started, go directly to the Upload Station and upload the data. Again, just click away at the German text until you hear the click and get "Missionziel erledigt!" (Mission objective successful). When you get this message you can log out again and switch your client back to English. Return to Mr Jones and the mission will be complete.
  • Thanks to the Neocron Support Team for this info.