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Mission 1 - Replacement Part - Required Rank:*/1

Mr. Jones desperatly needs a replacement part for a sabotaged machine. Produce the required part and give it to Mr. Jones.
  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
  • You should now have a TL90 Blueprint of a Replacement Part, requiring 2x Meritium Find these chemicals and construct the Replacement Part.
  • Once the Replacement Part is built, take it to Mr. Jones to complete the mission.

Mission Rewards

Mission 2 - Cooling Fluid - Required Rank:*/1

Use the Plasma pump in the Construction Facility (PEPPER SEC-3), to produce some new cooling fluid. Bring a unit of cooling fluid to Mr. Jones.


Construction Facility

  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission. He will give you back the Replacement Part.
  • Head to the Construction Facility in Pepper Park SEC-3 and feed the Replacement Part to the Plasma Pump, along with a single pack of Construction Grease (20).
  • The Plasma pump will take the part on the first click, then click again to use the construction gel.
  • Take the Cooling Plasma obtained from the Plasma Pump back to Mr. Jones to complete this mission.

Mission Rewards

  • 2,000 Experience Points in Dexterity
  • 2,000 NC credits

Mission 3 - Fire Up The Reactor - Required Rank:*/1

With these materials, we should be able to start up the Reactor in Reactor Room (PLAZA SEC-1) again. Make sure that it's fully functional.


Reactor Room

  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission. He will give you some Cooling Plasma to take to the Reactor Room.
  • Find the Reactor Room in Plaza SEC-1 near Medicare. Place the Cooling Plasma in the Reactor and get ready to defend yourself...
  • Return to Mr. Jones to finish the mission and obtain your reward.

Mission Rewards

  • 3,000 Experience Points in Intelligence
  • 3,000 NC credits
  • TL90 Construction Tool

    TL90 Construction Tool