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Mission 1 - Mole - Required Rank:*/1

Go to the PLAZA SEC-2 and get Gilbert McQueen to tell you who the contact person is


Entrance to Smugglers Cave

Mission Rewards

  • 1,000 Experience Points in Dexterity
  • 1,000 NC credits

Mission 2 - Investigate - Required Rank:*/1

Question Anton Childers in the Lost Outskirt (PEPPER SEC-1) and eliminate him if he is guilty
  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
  • Go to the Lost Outskirts in Pepper Park SEC-1 and make your way through the zone to find Anton Childers. Speak to him to find out what's really going on.
  • Return to Mr. Jones with the new info to complete the mission.

Mission Rewards

Mission 3 - Elimination - Required Rank:*/1

Eliminate Fidel Bartlett in the Smugglers Cave (PEPPER SEC-3) and then return to Mr. Jones


Research Lab

  • Talk to Mr. Jones in your apartment to start the mission.
  • Head back to the Smugglers Cave in Pepper Park SEC-3 and talk to Fidel Bartlett to settle the matter. Be sure to kill him to complete the objective.
  • Return to Mr. Jones in your apartment to complete the mission and obtain your Reward.

Mission Rewards