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A typical PPU's quickbelt


The quickbelt allows a runner to store up to the ten pieces of equipment or weaponry within easy reach. It was developed during the Ceres war to enable to Genetically modified tanks to be able to carry large numbers of weaponry and equipment easily onto the battlefield.


The quickbelt is a series of ten slots located in the right hand side of the RPOS system. Within each slot any piece of weaponry on equipment can be mounted, once mounted the equipment can be activated by pressing the correponding number on the keyboard, for example in the quickbelt shown to the right the PSI user can activate one of his PSI modules by pressing the number "1" key.

Once a slot has been activated then the slot will change colour, in the default RPOS colour scheme this will be green, as can be seen in slot "4". Any item within the quickbelt, with an exception noted below, has a chance of being dropped into the runner belt when a runner dies, dependant on whether the runner still has their Law Enforcer implants installed. However if the runner has a positive amount of soullight then the first slot will show a small padlock icon. This indicates that if the runner dies then any equipment located in the primary slot will not drop into their belt according to the zone rules.