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Swamp Cave

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Map of the various Swamp Caves


All mobs do poison damage, some like a Psi Poison Blast, some like a Poison Ball. A poison-absorbing belt or PPU spell is most useful here. This is a good place for Droners because they do only poison damage, of which the drones can usually sustain large amounts of.

There are some Supply boxes scattered where there are larger grey areas in the map. Note that some doors have been blocked compared to the map on the right, but the general layout is still current; it is unsure what the X should indicate, but the red dot marks the entrance/exit.

In the swamp cave in F 03 there is a woman NPC in the most north-eastern room, without reaction and dialog. Not sure if this is a bug or useful for a mission. (TODO report to NST)

There is no special loot here except for the loot from Kri'nakh Shaman in D 06 Cave, but it can be sold for a nice price. Leave the flapper eyes, intestines, bladder, poison glands etc.