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    This article was originally written by Debonair
    and was copied to the wiki from Debonair by Brammers



    Hunting for trophies in Neocron is a good way of gaining XP. I have levelled my PE all the way up from /2 to cap by hunting the trophy mobs. However, this route is only for the people who aren't in a hurry to cap, or who want something to "aim" for whilst levelling. A few important things to consider before hunting:

    • It is very, very boring and extremely frustrating. Specifically going out to get all the trophies is only for people who don't mind farming for hours on end.
    • Don't expect too much; trophy drops are random. You might get one quite quick that others have been hunting for hours. Likewise an "easy" trophy might become the bane of your life.
    • Prepare and plan. Understand the mob spawns and decide of you are going to empty all the mobs for re-spawn or wait for normal decay. Take enough nanites if you are on a vehicle. Where are you going and do you have the right armour on? ViperKing/Titan armours are not expensive, buy some. Get the right belt.

    Also, please note that the spawn maps I have given are from my experience only. There may well be better spawns somewhere. I'm a pro-city runner so inner-DoY locations are not listed. For the record all my hunting was done:

    • Outdoors Low level: On a Combat Chaincraft.
    • Outdoors Mid level + Hovers and Warbies: A hacking Judge PE.
    • Outdoor High level: Rhino Driving/Gunning Tank who dismounted and used CM epic for Reaperspider kills.
    • Indoor Low level: Phosphor Modded Beggar Nailgun PE
    • Indoor Mid/High level: Judge PE.

    I initially told myself I would get all the trophies myself, however I got to a point where I would gladly sell my soul for a Saurus bull carcass (Of course, they don't drop trophies I later found out!). In fact, in the end the ones I didn't personally get were Scorpion and Chaos Lieutenant; which I traded for, and the hoverbot and Mutant Bat which still elude me.


    You will need access to some stuff if you want to be a hunter. How you choose to hunt is, of course, entirely up to you as far as weapons/vehicles but some other things are important too:

    • Access to a recylcer with at least a TL90 recylcing tool, recycling lube and at least 65 points of recylcing.
    • Wood, metalplates and metal pipes. Wood can be obtained from rotten/metal boxes or from looting plantlife (Toxic plants, etc). Metal pipes and plates can be found in rotten/metal boxes as well as from blowing up a vehicle. Provided you have your LE out you can blow up your reveller or quad (don't do other vehicles, it will get expensive) and pick up the plates. My favourite places for rotten/metal boxes are the shopping areas in MB and the front gates of NC, however there are tons of places that have boxes. Also, some mobs drop plates (TH Reactor mobs drop plates as well as some robots iirc).
    • Combat Rank changing weapons. To get the best drop rate you need the mob to drop a "full load" of loot. You do this by lowering your combat rank (the first number in your rank - i.e. CR10 = 10/xx). Weapons of low TL do this for you, but even when equipped the CR takes a while to drop (try zoning a few times). This is why I try to use vehicles a lot, as they fix your CR for you (quite low too).

    Once you have your carcass, the recycler needs to put them in the processor with a combination of wood/metalplates/pipes. I won't bore you with the details, but they are always either:

    • 2 Wood, 2 Plates, 1 Pipes
    • 3 Wood, 2 Plates
    • 2 Wood, 3 Plates

    Understanding Mob Spawns and Mob Groups

    Mobs don't just appear anywhere on the map. Likewise, they don't randomly appear after you just killed a mob. Understanding what to kill to get your mob to spawn is key to getting the rare trophies. Example:

    Let's take somewhere that everyone should be aware of: J 01 (the bunker and MB zone) There are at least three spawn groups in this sector. The group names are made up by me.

    • The Robots. This includes Warbies, Spiderbots, sentinels, etc.
    • The Bunker. Includes Launcher Cyclops, Butchees, Agressors, Mutant Corp/gunmen, etc.
    • The Mercs. The City Merc guard NPC's.

    Now, if you kill a merc guard (good luck with that), when it de-spawns the game will not spawn something from the other groups...ever. If you kill a mutant corporal a warbie doesn't spawn and so on. The server (semi?) randomly picks a mob from a list of mobs in that group that the sector will allow. And every sector has a different set of groups and lists.

    Why is this relevant? Well, an example for the hunters is the Fierce Glider. This is not in the "swamp" mob group (killing a Fierce Floating Jelly for example will never yield a Fierce Glider spawn). It's in the "Reptile" group (killing a swamp snake might yield a Fierce Glider spawn).

    Now, for spawn points - Mobs spawn within range of a spot somewhere in a zone. There are usually multiple spots for each mob group within a zone. Sometimes mob groups share the same spot.

    Some zones have spawn points that are ideally suited for someone on a vehicle (i.e. Jankins Lab - You can circle the zone on a bike and be able to see every mob). Some are better suited for people on foot (F 03 has a massive Swamp spawn point to the left of the road, it's a bit tight in there for a vehicle and you end up in the water a lot). Decide how you are hunting and choose (you've researched the spawn points beforehand yes?) the one that's right for you.

    The Trophy List

    Trophy Creature Remains Creature Spawn Recycle recipe
    Wolf Trophy
    Wolf Carcass Alpha Wolf C 07, Crest Village Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Fierce Glider Trophy
    Fierce Glider Carcass Fierce Glider E 05, E 06, G 04 Metal PipesMetal PlateMetal PlateWoodWood
    Floating Jelly Trophy
    Floating Jelly Carcass Fierce Floating Jelly D 05, D 06, E 03 and much more Metal PipesMetal PlateMetal PlateWoodWood
    Decayed Brute Trophy
    Decayed Brute Carcass Decayed Brute G 08, F 10 Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Hoverbot Trophy
    Hoverbot Remains Giant Hoverbot D 08, D 09, D 11 and much more Metal PlateMetal PlateMetal PlateWoodWood
    Chaos Creeper Trophy
    Chaos Creeper Carapace Chaos Creeper Chaos Caves Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Chaos Lieutenant Trophy
    Chaos Lieutenant Carapace Chaos Lieutenant Chaos Caves Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Grim Chaser Trophy
    Grim Chaser Carcass Grim Chaser Canyon Sectors E 12, H 12 and much more. Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Lizard Trophy
    Lizard Carcass Big Lizard D 06, E 05, E 06, F 02, F 05, G 03, G 04 Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Grim Persecutor Trophy
    Grim Persecutor Carcass Grim Persecutor E 12 Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Giant Sewer Rat Trophy
    Giant Sewer Rat Carcass Giant Diseased Rat City Sewer Level 2 Metal PlateMetal PlateMetal PlateWoodWood
    Reaperspider Trophy
    Reaperspider Carapace Big Reaperspider Canyon Sectors E 12, H 12 and much more. Metal PlateMetal PlateMetal PlateWoodWood
    Decayed Horror Trophy
    Decayed Horror Carcass Decayed Horror G 08 Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Drom Trophy
    Drom Carcass Drom F 08 and many other places. Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Giant Black Scorpion Trophy
    Giant Black Scorpion Carapace Giant Black Scorpion Desert City Underground (El Farid) Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Spider Trophy
    Spider Carapace Spider Queen C 08, Crest Village Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Marsh Hippo Trophy
    Marsh Hippo Carcass Marsh Hippo Bull Swamp sectors F 03, D 05, D 06, E 03, H 03 and much more Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Swamp Warrior Trophy
    Swamp Warrior Carcass Swamp Warrior Swamp sectors F 03, D 05, D 06, E 03, H 03 and much more Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Swamprider Trophy
    Swamprider Carcass Swamprider Swamp sectors F 03, D 05, D 06, E 03, H 03 and much more Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood
    Terror Raptor Trophy
    Terror Raptor Carcass Terror Raptor Canyon Sectors E 12, H 12 and much more. Metal PipesMetal PlateMetal PlateWoodWood
    WarBot Trophy
    WarBot Remains Warbot Titan G 08, I 06, and much more Metal PlateMetal PlateMetal PlateWoodWood
    Mutant Bat Trophy
    Mutant Bat Carcass Crystal Cave Swarmer Maybe TheCrystal Caves or maybe The Swamp Caves Metal PipesMetal PlateMetal PlateWoodWood
    Cavespider Trophy
    Cavespider Carapace Maybe Cavespider Queen Not known Not known
    Cockroach Trophy
    Cockroach Carapace Big Black Roach C 09, C 11, D 07, D 12 and City Sewer Level 2 Metal PlateMetal PlateWoodWoodWood

    Master Hunter Trophies

    You can obtain Master Hunter Trophies by collecting a set of seven trophies and taking them to the Master Hunter in Via Rosso Sector 3. Talk to him, and he will take the required trophies and give you a master hunter trophy.

    Master Hunter Trophy 1

    Master Hunter Trophy 1

    To obtain the Master Hunter Trophy 1 you will require:-

    • Mutant Bat Trophy
    • Cockroach Trophy
    • Fierce Glider Trophy
    • Floating Jelly Trophy
    • Decayed Brute Trophy
    • Hoverbot Trophy
    • Chaos Lieutnant Trophy

    Master Hunter Trophy 2

    Master Hunter Trophy 2

    To obtain the Master Hunter Trophy 2 you will require:-

    • Chaos Creeper Trophy
    • Grim Persecutor Trophy
    • Grim Chaser Trophy
    • Giant Sewer Rat Trophy
    • Reaperspider Trophy
    • Decayed Horror Trophy
    • Drom Trophy

    Master Hunter Trophy 3

    Master Hunter Trophy 3

    To obtain the Master Hunter Trophy 3 you will require:-

    • Giant Black Scorpion Trophy
    • Marsh Hippo Trophy
    • Swamp Warrior Trophy
    • Swamprider Trophy
    • Terror Raptor Trophy
    • Warbot Trophy
    • Wolf Trophy