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User:Brammers/THN Upgrade 2012

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THN Upgrade

These plans have been around for a while, but here is the list.

Forum upgrades (Done)

  • Upgrade forums to phpBB3 (Done)
  • Migrate data (Done)
  • Create new THN skin for phpBB3 (Done)
  • Remove old groups and features (Done)

Wiki upgrades

  • Upgrade wiki website to run PHP 5.3/5.4 (Done)
  • Upgrade wiki software to 1.19/1.20 (Done)
  • Remove users with no edits (Done)
  • Migrate users to use the THN central user DB (Next)
  • Move Item DB data to the wiki
  • Wiki Skin to match the THN (Done)

Stats DB

  • Add support for reporting on Rares
  • Add more faction support reports
  • Add other reports
  • Add some planned fun stuff!

Rares DB

  • Upgrade to be compatible with phpBB3 (Done)
  • Future project - Re-write site in Symfony/Monolight Framework 3


  • Upgrade to latest version of Joomla
  • Move Item DB to wiki
  • Migrate Item DB to it's own site (Done)