FAR-6000 Reaper Assault Rifle Mission

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Mission 1

  • Talk to First Lieutenant McLane in Techhaven Sec-2 to start the first mission.
  • Talk to Kitty Galore at Twister Bar in I 09. When you are talking to Kitty a 80/80 will attack you, kill him and talk to Kitty again.
  • She tells you that her brothers best friend, Guarner, might know.
  • Return to First Lieutenant McLane.

Mission 2

  • Talk to First Lieutenant McLane to start the second mission. He tells you that Guarner is working undercover and that you need to hack the M.I.O.N. Terminal in Energycore 3. Enegycore 3 is accessed from Techhaven Sec-2 and you don't need hacking skills, McLane gives you a card (Datacube) that hacks the terminal for you.
  • Goto Enegycore 3 in Techhaven Sec-2.
  • Access the terminal and choose current assignment. It tells you the location of Guarner, he's stationed in F 06 not too far from Old Greycore Outpost.
  • Talk to Guarner, he will give you a datacube that you should bring back to First Lieutenant McLane.

Mission 3