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Fist Weaponry

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Fist Weaponry can be found throughout in Pepper Park sector 3. Melee and Low Tech Cannons can be purchased here. Aswell as Ammo, Ammo mods, Armor and Turrets.

Items Sold

Melee Weapons

Crummy Baseball Bat Crummy Baseball Bat   Special Alloy Knife Special Alloy Knife  
Stiletto Stiletto   Knuckles Knuckles  
Brassknuckles Brassknuckles   Junk Knife Junk Knife  
Combat Knife Combat Knife   Self-constructed Claw Self-constructed Claw  
Rusty Double-Edged Sword Rusty Double-Edged Sword   Special Forces Combat Knife Special Forces Combat Knife  
Double-edged Sword Double-edged Sword   Claw Claw  
Face Scratcher' Claw Face Scratcher' Claw   Baseball Bat Baseball Bat  
Tai-Chi Double-Edged Sword Tai-Chi Double-Edged Sword   Electro Shocker Electro Shocker  
Unlabeled Electro Shocker Unlabeled Electro Shocker   Tangent High-Voltage Shocker Tangent High-Voltage Shocker  

Heavy Weapons

Defender Rocket Launcher Defender Rocket Launcher   Street Model Grenade Launcher Street Model Grenade Launcher  
Self-Constructed Spraycan Flamer Self-Constructed Spraycan Flamer   Unlabeled Hand Grenade Unlabeled Hand Grenade  
Self-constructed Trash Grenade Self-constructed Trash Grenade   Unlabeled Gatlin Cannon Unlabeled Gatlin Cannon  
Basic Anti Vehicle Rocket Launcher Basic Anti Vehicle Rocket Launcher   Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher  
Ryker Vulcano Grenade Launcher Ryker Vulcano Grenade Launcher   Tangent GL-253C Launcher Tangent GL-253C Launcher  


Holographic Projector Suit - XY Private Eye Holographic Projector Suit - XY Private Eye   Holographic Projector Suit - XX Private Eye Holographic Projector Suit - XX Private Eye  
Holographic Projector Suit - XY Spy Holographic Projector Suit - XY Spy   Holographic Projector Suit - XX Spy Holographic Projector Suit - XX Spy  
Holographic Projector Suit - XY Gentank Holographic Projector Suit - XY Gentank   Holographic Projector Suit - XX Gentank Holographic Projector Suit - XX Gentank  
Holographic Projector Suit - XY PSI Monk Holographic Projector Suit - XY PSI Monk   Holographic Projector Suit - XX PSI Monk Holographic Projector Suit - XX PSI Monk  


Light Kevlar Belt Light Kevlar Belt   Medium Kevlar Belt Medium Kevlar Belt  
Battle Belt Prototype Battle Belt Prototype   Usual Battle Belt Usual Battle Belt  
Shabby Carbon Belt Shabby Carbon Belt   Good Carbon Belt Good Carbon Belt  
Bad Duranium Belt Bad Duranium Belt   Duranium Belt Duranium Belt  
Unhallowed Inquisition Belt Unhallowed Inquisition Belt   Inquisition Belt Inquisition Belt  
Shabby Carbon Helmet Shabby Carbon Helmet   Shabby Carbon Vest Shabby Carbon Vest  
Shabby Carbon Trousers Shabby Carbon Trousers   Good Carbon Helmet Good Carbon Helmet  
Good Carbon Vest Good Carbon Vest   Good Carbon Trousers Good Carbon Trousers  
Great Carbon Helmet Great Carbon Helmet   Great Carbon Vest Great Carbon Vest  
Great Carbon Trousers Great Carbon Trousers   Outstanding Carbon Helmet Outstanding Carbon Helmet  
Outstanding Carbon Vest Outstanding Carbon Vest   Outstanding Carbon Trousers Outstanding Carbon Trousers  
Light Kevlar Choker Light Kevlar Choker   Meduim Kevlar Choker Meduim Kevlar Choker  
Heavy Kevlar Choker Heavy Kevlar Choker   Battle Collar Prototype Battle Collar Prototype  
Usual Battle Collar Usual Battle Collar   Advanced Battle Collar Advanced Battle Collar  
Shabby Carbon Choker Shabby Carbon Choker   Good Carbon Choker Good Carbon Choker  
Great Carbon Choker Great Carbon Choker   Outstanding Carbon Choker Outstanding Carbon Choker  
Light Carbonsilk Suit Light Carbonsilk Suit   Meduim Carbonsilk Suit Meduim Carbonsilk Suit  
Heavy Carbonsilk Suit Heavy Carbonsilk Suit   Shabby Glasfibre Suit Shabby Glasfibre Suit  
Usual Glasfibre Suit Usual Glasfibre Suit   Good Glasfibre Suit Good Glasfibre Suit  
Outstanding Glasfibre Suit Outstanding Glasfibre Suit   Low Fesilicon Coat Low Fesilicon Coat  
Meduim Fesilicon Coat Meduim Fesilicon Coat   Heavy Fesilicon Coat Heavy Fesilicon Coat  
Shabby Ionic Cotton Underwear Shabby Ionic Cotton Underwear   Good Ionic Cotton Underwear Good Ionic Cotton Underwear  
Geat Ionic Cotton Underwear Geat Ionic Cotton Underwear   Light Kevlar Helmet Light Kevlar Helmet  
Meduim Kevlar Helmet Meduim Kevlar Helmet   Heavy Kevlar Helmet Heavy Kevlar Helmet  
Light Kevlar Pants Light Kevlar Pants   Medium Kevlar Pants Medium Kevlar Pants  
Heavy Kevlar Pants Heavy Kevlar Pants   Shabby Carbon Boots Shabby Carbon Boots  
Good Carbon Boots Good Carbon Boots   Great Carbon Boots Great Carbon Boots  
Outstanding Carbon Boots Outstanding Carbon Boots   Tangent Low Density Krokydolith Suit Tangent Low Density Krokydolith Suit  
Tangent Meduim Density Krokydolith Suit Tangent Meduim Density Krokydolith Suit   Tangent High Density Krokydolith Suit Tangent High Density Krokydolith Suit  
Tangent Ionic Nylon Underall Tangent Ionic Nylon Underall   Tangent Doublelayered Ionic Nylon Underall Tangent Doublelayered Ionic Nylon Underall  
Tangent Triplelayered Ionic Nylon Underall Tangent Triplelayered Ionic Nylon Underall   Medium Poison Protection Belt Medium Poison Protection Belt  
Light Kevlar Vest Light Kevlar Vest   Meduim Kevlar Vest Meduim Kevlar Vest  
Heavy Kevlar Vest Heavy Kevlar Vest   Battle Helmet Prototype Battle Helmet Prototype  
Battle Vest Prototype Battle Vest Prototype   Battle Trousers Prototype Battle Trousers Prototype  
Usual Battle Helmet Usual Battle Helmet   Usual Battle Vest Usual Battle Vest  
Usual Battle Trousers Usual Battle Trousers   Advanced Battle Helmet Advanced Battle Helmet  
Advanced Battle Vest Advanced Battle Vest   Advanced Battle Trousers Advanced Battle Trousers  
Light Energyfield Belt Light Energyfield Belt   Medium Energyfield Belt Medium Energyfield Belt  
Heavy Energyfield Belt Heavy Energyfield Belt   Light Kevlar Boots Light Kevlar Boots  
Medium Kevlar Boots Medium Kevlar Boots   Heavy Kevlar Boots Heavy Kevlar Boots  
Battle Boots Prototype Battle Boots Prototype   Usual Battle Boots Usual Battle Boots  
Advanced Battle Boots Advanced Battle Boots   Light Deflector Belt Light Deflector Belt  
Medium Deflector Belt Medium Deflector Belt   Light Energy Protection Belt Light Energy Protection Belt  
Medium Energy Protection Belt Medium Energy Protection Belt   Light Fire Protection Belt Light Fire Protection Belt  
Medium Fire Protection Belt Medium Fire Protection Belt  

Light Poison Protection Belt Light Poison Protection Belt