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The Masters of the Universe tournament, or MOTU for short, is a yearly PVP event organized by Reakktor GM's, with the help of comunity volounteers acting as commentators and judges. The last MOTU tournament took place in 2007, and at the time of this writing a 2008 tournament has yet to be anounced.

Past Tournaments


The 2006 MOTU took place within the former Fightnight arena inside a repurposed Outzone storage area. The event encountered some initial problems, especially regarding crowd control. In one noteworthy incident disgruntled contestants managed to atack and kill the three volounteer hosts seated within the arena before GM could intervene.

The tournament winner for 2006 was:

  • -??-

The event was hosted by:


The 2007 MOTU took place within a newly aded testzone under more strict GM supervision. The strict no tolerance policy established the previous year was heavily enforced by a prescence of multiple GM's. The 2007 tournament went considerably smoother than the previous and no major incidents ocoured.

The tournament winner for 2007 was:

  • -??-

The event was hosted by: