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Mecando was wandering through the wastelands, searching for shelter, when he arrived in Neocron, no one wanted to help him, so he kept wandering. Soon he found the Tribes of Ceres and Thor, who offered him shelter.

Mecando and Ceres

When Mecando heard about the origin of Ceres' name, he remembered that he heard that name before, he urged Ceres to show him the 'Tomb of Ceres' the Bunker of the Ceres Project, but Ceres did not want to risk his life or the life of his Tribesmen.

Mecando and Thor

Thor could not withstand the power which was promised inside the 'Tomb' and gathered his Tribesmen to start an expedition together with Mecando, it was an difficult journey and many men died, but they returned with the Ceres Disc.

Mecando the and the Ceres Disc

Mecando learned a lot from the Ceres Disc, this knowledge was important to build the Dome of York.

Mecandos Death

Before he died, Mecando invented a powerful weapon (most probably a Plasma Rifle) which was replicated and handed out to Thor and his men, who then attacked Neocron to take back what was once theirs.