NCPD Special Unit CPU Mission

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Mission 1 - Required Rank:*/55

Commissioner Lightfield has ordered you to find and eliminate the defected informant Johnny Five in the Industrial Sector-1. Report to Commissioner Lightfield after you have succeeded.


Commissioner Lightfield



Johnny Five

  • Talk to Commissioner Lightfield in the NCPD HQ to start the mission.
  • Find Moe Wilkens in Industrial A Sector 1, he spawns in random locations.
  • When you are done talking, Johnny Five (100/100***) will spawn, together with 4 Dragon's Wrath members (80/80).
  • Kill Johnny Five.
  • Return to Commissioner Lightfield.
  • Go to Outzone sector 1, and search the body of the next employee, another few Dragon's Wrath members will spawn, but you don't have to kill them.
  • Return to Commissioner Lightfield.
  • Talk to Angel Moon in the church in Outzone Sector 5.
  • She will tell you to wait 5 minutes.
  • After 5 real time minutes, talk to her again and she will spawn again 4 Dragon's Wrath members, as well as Pavel 'The Tulip' Kowalski.
  • Kill Pavel.
  • Head back to Commissioner Lightfield.

Mission Rewards