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In here you will find a complete archive of the Rare Weapon Background stories as can be read in the weapons description window ingame. For unknown reasons the background story is missing on all drones and PSI spells, as well as on the Silent Hunter, Disruptor and Slasher.

Heavy Weapons

Cursed Soul

Jude Fey was well known as an absolute master hacker. His brain contained a few remaining organic areas, the rest filled with the endless nano-circuitry of implants, causing him to act more like a machine then a man. No one should have survived more then five brain implants, but he replaced step by step all parts of his brain with their technological counterparts. He was still himself in a way, but more of a technological copy of his former organic soul, right down to the thoughts in his head. He was also, without a doubt, one of the most impressive engineering marvels of all time, a human who isn't a human. He was able to interface directly with his weapons, able to calculate distance, direction and frequency in only a few nanoseconds with lethal effects. One day however during a fire fight, he was hit by a massive burst of energy, deadly to a normal human. His soul got mixed up with the artificial intelligence of the plasma weapon he was using, while his body died. His electronic soul became one with the weapon, like a genie in a bottle, but burning with a deep and total hate of all free and living individuals. The resultant mighty weapon, is known and feared even to this day by all, even by someone lucky enough to find and wield it.

Doom Beamer

Tyrion Carhard was working for Tangent on Project F13. The Doom Beamer was initially planned for huge battle droids and was never conceived for use in normal ground combat. However the androids never got produced and the project was halted. With that there was further funding to further develop the weapon any more. One day Carhard sold the Beamer to Ethan Cole, who himself sold the weapon to someone else. The Doom Beamer had many owners till all trace of her was lost. Where it is at the moment is not known, and it may be better that way...


Don Fiddler had money, a lot of money, in fact he was one of the richest men alive. He was leader of a big company and could buy anything he wanted. He ordered NEXT Systems and Archer and Wesson to develop a small space glider, all things especially built for him. While NEXT did the technical production, Archer and Wesson should concentrate on the two laser weapons and the two rocket launchers the vehicle was to be armed with. After around 3 years the glider was ready for the first lift-off. Fiddler himself named the vehicle 'Moon Striker'. On the Moon Striker's first take off attempt, it crashed only seconds after lift off and was destroyed in a huge cloud of smoke. All that was left, was one of the rocket launchers, which took 3 years of manual work to build... During the crash site clean-up, the weapon disappeared... Never again was a weapon of this class produced, it was simply too time consuming and costly. Don Fiddler's son George Fiddler however was not dismayed about his father's death. Some people believe George Fiddler, who had now become leader of the company, had manipulated his father's glider...


Kirk McCoy worked on the development of fusion weapon technology, and made many crucial steps in the advancement of that field. Not all celebrated his success however, especially his less successful colleague Dr. Lao Chen. Chen decided to hire a hacker named Jude Fey to steal the information about McCoy's projects, which Fey was able to accomplish with ease. McCoy, upon discovering who hired the hacker, cursed Chen for this underhanded tactic, since the loss of the data led to the termination of McCoy's projects. Lao Chen used his stolen information to construct two prototypes, but from there things began to go very wrong. In the first tests one of the prototypes exploded causing massive damage to the labs, destroying the data and killing Chen himself. Archer and Wesson's attempts to redevelop the weapon failed at every turn. The second prototype then disappeared, and AW was no longer able to continue, since even McCoy couldn't help any more having been killed in an 'accident'.

Melee Weapons

These are the weapons requiring the melee weapons skill.

Paw of Tiger and Paw Of Bear

The assassin Miriam Bodom was known to be the most dangerous person of her time. Only the largest companies hired her, whichever one paid the most, to eliminate their competitors. She lived alone in The Wastelands, and felt strongly bound with the forces of nature and the animals around her. From this she got her power. She used two deadly and horrific claws, which she referred to as Paw of Tiger and Paw of Bear. With these claws she was fast and lethal as a Tiger and strong as a Bear. Why she worked as an assassin... nobody knows, but she told all who asked that it was in her nature to kill. The feeling was like a drug to her... until one day, she disappeared all of a sudden, and the companies realized with shock, that nobody had really known her, nor did anyone know where she could have been gone...

Blade Of Ceres

Ceres found on one of his expeditions, not only the resting place of the Cres-Project in the north, but also this sword, which he claims had called out to him from the dark depths of the snow. He believed that he had found the grave of a might hero by the name of Ceres. He also believed that this sword was once the weapon of that fallen hero. He renamed himself to 'Ceres' in honour of the hero. He took the sword believing it would give him unnatural strength... He was wrong about the Ceres-hero, but his thoughts of the sword were right. It was unnaturally strong...

Vein Ripper

The Crahn Church had been working a long time on the enhancements of weapons through PSI-Technology, to create advanced weapons like flaming swords or lightening claws. Unfortunately it is not easy to combine forces with a static object and therefore most weapons got destroyed while trying. Except one: The metal of the knife became stronger than a diamond. Only with laser grinding was it able to be transformed into the sharpest knife ever. A single cut was capable of penetrating flesh to quick, effortlessly, and deep, that most victims didn't even realize that they had gotten cut. The victim soon after quickly bled to death... The PSIs were never able to reproduce such a weapon...

The Dentist

Simple ways to improve a user's chances in hand-to-hand combat have always been common. In the early days, things such as chains were worn around the fists to inflict more damage. However, because the chains hadn't been properly cushioned, they not only hurt the opponent, but the user as well. Fighting with brass knuckles is the same as fighting bare fists. The metal is used in order to inflict more damage when landing a proper blow. The knuckles are cushioned on the insides so that the metal does not hurt the user when he strikes his opponent.

Electric Tempest

Andre Davis asked himself what would happen if you put a freezer cell into a hand-held shocker? This was the question Andre asked himself, and since he was a technician in the service of Archer & Wesson, he tried it out himself. His little idea turned into a 4-year one man project. He invested all his spare time into this shocker... and he succeeded. Unfortunately the parts for the shocker where too expensive so it never made it to mass production. Davis named his little shocker "Electric Tempest" because it was a very powerful weapon, even with its little size.

Devil's Grace

A group of underground cultists, who called themselves "Devil's Grace" constructed using special techniques, weapons that were in essence enhanced Laserblades. These blades were better than any normal one produced by anyone else. The cultists produced them using a combination of the best parts from several companies. The blade was more powerful and much more focused than that of a normal Laserblade. The Devil Grace got eliminated by The Crahn Church, no one survived, and with them went the secrets to the construction of their Laserblades...


Contained within the texts of the Ceres-project, were the specifications for the Thunderbolt. Initially it was developed for use as Warbot weaponry. The weapon however did not get mass produced, since Ceres' own army had to count too many losses due to its unbelievable power. The electric power of that weapon could reduce whole groups of machines or biological organisms into steaming little piles. Just before all existing Thunderbolts got recycled, one of the scientists working on the project, Hans Grober, saved one and stored it in an old storage hall. That is till the hall was destroyed...


Pain Easer

Noel Carter was a weapon fanatic. He loved his collection of unique weapons more than anything. Even more than his own wife, who as a consequence felt lonely and was cheating on him with another man. He had carried many internal wounds in his life, but none hurt as much as those inflicted upon learning of his wife's betrayal. Thus one day he took his best rifle in hand, one which he had made himself, and with it killed his wife and her lover, before turning the gun on himself. It was his only way out, the only way for him to ease the unbearable inner pain that was driving him mad. The murder weapon disappeared soon after...


When Tangent Technologies developed an extremely efficient shotgun, they trusted one of their best scientists, Jorgen Rasmussen, to deliver it quickly and quietly from the laboratories to the headquarters. All went very quickly, when Rasmussen was kidnapped and hidden in the Gaya [sic] Mines. A runner was sent to investigate, but both were never seen again. It is rumoured that the runner killed Rasmussen and took the prototype of the shotgun with him...

Ray Of God

Cecil Morane was a religious woman. She believed that everything that happens, happens for a reason. Until the day a Tsunami Syndicate attack killed her husband and their 3 lovely children. This wasn't right, she lost her trust in a good willed God and in her burned the heart of an assassin longing for nothing but retaliation. She had nothing to lose. Her only desire to erase all the leading heads of the Syndicate. In the most important moment, with the first shot, the weapon developed an impossible power, which killed 3 Tsunami members at once and destroyed the wall behind them. Surprised and stunned by this power, she wasn't able to protect herself from the other guards. Seconds later she was dead... the weapon got lost in the chaos...


Dr. Gordon J. Mark was an important scientists, whose specialisation was Freezer technology. One stormy evening while he was working late, an organized gang of runners broke into his lab and stole the blueprints and one completed Freezer weapon prototype. Thinking only to protect his work, he gave chase to the burglars but as he got outside the doors, one of the runners turned around and used the Freezer prototype against him. At least he tried, however the moment he pulled the trigger, a great flash streaked from the sky directly into the freezer and killed the runner. The weapon was some how strengthened by this, and to this day no other freezer ever built was able to match the power of that single gun. Years later the weapon was again stolen, it's whereabouts are still unknown.


Jerod Parker was a loyal agent of the City Admin, but like so many, he hated his job and wished only for an early retirement. One day he awoke from his Cryo-sleep and heard about how Twilight Guardian terrorists had entered the inner city of Neocron and dealt heavy damage. Together with a squad of STORM troops he chased them to the final fight. But he was not ready for the surprise of finding the enemy wielding an unbelievably mighty weapon which fired balls of fusioning plasma, destroying even the STORM bots in seconds. Jerod Parker found his long waited retirement on the streets of Neocron. After that encounter, the weapon was not seen in action again.

Healing Light

Dr. Maria Law's work was developing techniques for the medical uses of lasers. She dedicated many years of her life to the goal of developing a specialised laser which would be capable of neutralising special cells or nanites in the human body without wounding. Her experiments didn't get much attention or funding as her sponsors were unhappy with the lack of results and proofs of concept. A big unknown company then bought the rights to the whole project and built an effective laser based on her work, but designed for military purposes. The weapon never went into production after the project was sabotaged (rumoured to be the work of Archer and Wesson). The prototype disappeared shortly after the company closed the labs.

First Love

Cervantes Talos was a crazy man, or so went the rumours around the city. Others however, thought he was a genius and others again merely thought of him as slightly odd. But whatever they thought, people were never comfortable getting too close to him, maybe because no one had ever known as much about weapons as he did. Sometimes he would not be seen for weeks, as he was shut away in his lab working on his weapons. He would reverse engineer them, micro-manage and alter the calibration, then reconstruct them again in a subtly different way. One time, he exceeded even his own high expectations, creating a new and immensely powerful plasma rifle with a grace and perfection unseen before or since. However the word is defined, this gun became his first and only love, to him it meant more than any living being he had ever known - charming, beautiful, and lethal. It is not known what happened to him or the gun afterwards.



Wyatt Earp

Marius Kahn was known and feared as the best marksman around. When he graced the battlefield his enemies fell in dozens and fled in large groups. He was a pistol hero of the time, earning the nickname Wyatt Earp, a reference to a long lost culture. No one knew how, by wielding a single gun, he could kill so many enemies so quickly. After his eventual death, he was buried with his possessions in a grave out in the Wastelands. Grave robbers looted this grave and quickly realised that this weapon wasn't normal., but a mighty instrument of destruction. It was not the reflexes of the legendary Wyatt Earp that killed all those people, it was the gun and its mighty powers of unknown origin. Somehow the weapon made its way into the World Museum of Neocron, where the weapon itself got named after it's famous first known wielder. After the Museum was closed, the weapon disappeared...


Morcar Marone was a murderer. He had killed more then two dozen people and had never been caught. He was somewhat of a myth, a kind of Jack the Ripper of the modern era. He would mumble prayers for mercy and relief before killing his victims with his sub-machinegun. One day something went wrong. He was just about to 'release' his next chosen victim when he was caught off guard by a young man who had accidentally come across the situation. He pulled the weapon out of Morcars hand and pulled the trigger. Normally Morcar would have only had a little scratch on his Duranium Armour, this time however he was split in two by the bullets. Morcar finally got his own 'release' from the pain of life. Who the young man was, or where he disappeared to with the weapon was never determined...


Shantai Guinea was a high-level leader in the Black Dragon clan. One day his brother Sven Guinea was murdered and Shantai ordered a thorough investigation. It was discovered that the Black Dragon clan had been betrayed from somewhere within. Further investigations narrowed the traitor down to one of two people, Gon Ramone and Jeremia Sea. Both were interrogated and both protested their innocence all the way through. Finally, Shantai decided that it must have been Gon who killed his brother and betrayed the clan. Shantai leveled his plasma pistol, which he had taken from his brother's possessions, at Gon to kill him in retaliation for Sven's death. As he pulled the trigger, the lethal bursts of plasma flew out of the barrel, not at Gon, but at Jeremia, who was split into two by the massive power of the superheated plasma. Some time later evidence was discovered that Jeremia was actually the traitor, proving the gun had known what Shantai had not. From that day onwards, Shantai only used and trusted this one weapon, his brothers final legacy. At a later date, Shantai didn't return from a mission, and since then he and this legendary weapon have been lost, perhaps forever.

Beam Of Hell

Martha Riggs was a drug addict with a lot of problems, her biggest problem was money. She never was a popular runner and wasn't able to pay for her drug addiction through jobs. One day she was offered a great deal: 100,000 NC for some weapon 'relocation'. She was to go to an abandoned crystal mine in the wastelands to recover a lost laser pistol, which a customer's employee lost there. She accepted, found the mine and entered it. She located the weapon while crossing a rusty old bridge, which lead over an inner sea lying on a stone near the water, so Martha went down to get the pistol... Just as she went to reach for it a huge flying monster descended down towards her. She grabbed the pistol and pulled the trigger. The monster was cut into two pieces and fell onto the bridge, which collapsed and crashed down on top of Martha... Martha died under the ruins, like all the other runners before her, who had tried to recover the weapon. ... Most people think the weapon is cursed and came directly from Hell. Anyone who tries to take it only receives a fast death...

Ray Of Last Hope

Geoffrey Walker was a good runner, a very good one. But even the best may find themselves in a difficult situation - so did he. He was trapped in an old storage hall infested with masses of spiders. He had been hired to erase that disease, but a huge spider mutant, the size of a glider hit him in the upper arm. He felt the poison pulsating through his veins and burning the hell out of him from the inside... He needed a medic, and knew that if he couldn't escape he'd be dead soon. But all he had left was his ray pistol, which was given to him for this job. He highly doubted that he would kill all of the spiders in front of the door. But the door was his only and last hope. So he drew it, began to fire and... to his total surprise, all that was left of the army of spiders were little piles of ashes. After he successfully escaped from the storage halls, he refused any payment, only wanting this powerful weapon. The ray pistol helped him out of a lot of tight situations in the following years... The whereabouts of Geoffrey was lost with time, and no one has seen him since...


STORM bot squad 14c-Goucho succeeded, after two weeks, to track down a group of Twilight Guardian Terrorists, who had attacked the city. After a long hard battle the squad captured and detained 54 Twilight Guardian prisoners in a small storage area. The leader of the squad went berserk, drew his fusion pistol and executed every single one of the prisoners. Men, women and children... All 54 were executed. Never before were so many innocent people murdered with a single weapon... Later after an investigation it was discovered that the squad leader was malfunctioning due to the massive energy that the gun emitted. The weapon itself was classified as very dangerous since then and was kept in quarantine. The squad leader was also deactivated, since it seemed to be the will of the weapon who led to his acts, had left an effect on the STORM unit. As if the weapon itself had a mind of its own.