Gaia Mine

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Gaia Mine entrance in F 13, east of Cycrow Lab

Gaia Mine is a three-part dungeon in the Wastelands. Below it, the Regant Laboratory can be found. It is recommendable after mastering the Regants Legacy dungeon, as in for example progressing through the Regant's legacy mission.


  • F 13 = Mining Facility 1
  • G 13 = Mining Facility 1
  • H 13 = Mining Facility 3

Mining Facility 1

Map of Mining Facility 1

Entrance via F 13 is recommended, because the room with the Malfunctioning S.T.O.R.M Unit is the "boss room" of Mining Facility 1. The reset position is at the exit to F 13, which may be useful for returning out without passing by all the CopBots after an area reset.

TODO expand

TODO jump bug at top of last/frist shaft at exit to F 13? (is reset position really only way?)

Mining Facility 2

Map of Mining Facility 2
Pit leading further down
Last room in MF2, minus all mobs
Last room in MF2 (detail)
Entrance to Regant Laboratory

Mining Facility 2 is a sub-level of Mining Facility 1. The entrance to Mining Facility 2 is guarded by 1 or 2 CopBots, but they can be run by quickly into the door = the area change-over. The area contains a several more CopBots and ore extraction terminals number 1 to 8, needed at least for the Regant's legacy mission. The reset position is not at the area sync to MF 1, but at the first junction coming from it, so a CopBot may be waiting for you on position reset; nonetheless it may spare you part of a tricky return path after area reset.

The map to the right shows the map of MF2. The area change-over / sync is in the top left green dot. The red numbers are the ore extraction terminals. The room with terminals 1 and 8 contains water in the center.

If you follow the other path, you see a metal walkway and down a ladder (the \ in the map). In this room with terminals 3, 4, 5 and 7 you also find a shaft / pit with a platform and ladder going down, again shown by a \ in the map. The bottom is covered with shallow water, so beware with drones; another CopBot will wait down there.

Follow the tunnel; a short part is under water. Around the next turn, there starts a large room with terminals 2 and 6. This room contains a group of about 5 more CopBots. The Tacholytium Titan Warbot [sic], which is needed for the Crahn epic mission, usually also spawns in this room, but may also sometimes spawn elsewhere in the area in one of the tunnels.

This large room also contains a large drilling machine and a small lighted building with two levels. Inside, there may be a few more CopBots hiding behind large crates. On the upper level of the building is the entrance to the Regant Laboratory (called laboratory facility - sewersystem entrance in-game), which is also part of the Regant Industries Genotoxic Suit Mission.

Mining Facility 3

The Gaia Mine 3 / Mining Facility 3 in H 13 is the smallest of all. It consists of just a single level, which contains an outer ring, an inner ring and a storage room with a hackable supply box in the center. It contains no mobs at all.

Storage room in mining facility 3

Nearest GenReps


Ranks 72-100.

  • CopBot Defector 72/72
  • CopBot Renegade 80/80
  • Crazed CopBot 92/92
  • Berserk CopBot 100/100
  • one Malfunctioning S.T.O.R.M Unit 120/120 = boss (see map)
  • one Tacholytium Titan Warbot

The area contains many doors. Because these CopBots cannot open doors, you can use that to your advantage and separate them out one by one using doors. Also, the CopBot AI switches from offensive - running toward you, pushing you back - to defensive; in defensive mode, you can push them into a corner so that they have to stay in place and targeting them is easier. Also, when the CopBot AI is in defensive resp. retreat mode, you can run around it and thus make it retreat in the direction you want it to - keeping it away and separated from the next CopBot. CopBots tend to hide in corners and in cover, so watch your step.

For droners, FC-1000 or PLC-1000 can be recommended; FA-1000 usually miss too much with the dodging CopBots.




It seems that the Gaia mine used to be called Gaya Mines at some point or misspelled in some places. As remnants of this, for example, the Gaya Tacholytium Gauntlet (TODO itemdb link) still remains in the game named this way.

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