Regant Industries Genotoxic Suit Mission

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This is about the mission for obtaining the Genetoxic Suit. There are 3 versions of the suit for the PE and 2 versions for the Spy.

Mission 1 - Finding Agent Horatius - Required Rank:55

Special Agent Riviera has ordered you to search for Agent Horatius in the mysterious Regant Laboratory located deep under the Gaia Mines. Search for any useful information about Agent Horatius´ whereabouts. Return to Agent Riviera after finishing your mission.
Special Agent Riviera
Mining Pit

This is the ProCity version of the quest, for the anti city you have to speak to Inquisitor Kaine, I don't know much more for that version.

  • First talk to Special Agent Riviera, who's in Sector F13. He's SE of the Gaia Mine entrance, standing with some crates and a GoGuardian. He tells you to take a team and search for Agent Horatius in the Laboratory inside the Gaia Mines.
  • Go all the way down in the Gaia Mines, there's a lot of Renegade Copbots and related mobs, so be sure to either stealth or have effective weaponry. (ranks 78-100)
  • Enter Mining Facility 2, and work your way down some ladders, and enter the Laboratory.
  • Inside the building is the entrance to the lab, where you have to dive down, take the first offshoot to the left to reach an area with Regant Scouts and other Genotoxic mobs. The body of Horatius should be around there somewhere. Search the body, you will recieve "Personal Datapad - Agent Horatius", and then make you way up again. If the body displays something about an ore console, click on the first option.
  • Return to Special Agent Riviera, who will look over the datapad, and this part of the mission is done.

Mission 2 - Meeting with James Denari

Horatius was about to meet his contact, a man named James Denari, who was supposed to have information about Regants´ precious science data. Find this contact and return to Inquisitor Kaine with any useful information.
Renegade Copbot
  • Talk to Special Agent Riviera again, and he will tell you the above. Work you way down the Gaia Mine again, into the Laboratory.
  • The pipes down there are a maze, but keep going until you find the entrance.
  • Make your way past all the Genotoxic and Regant mobs, and find the corpse of James Denari.
  • Search the body, and make you way back again.

Mission 3 - Getting the research information

Getting research information from the director.
  • Talk to Special Agent Riviera again, and he will tell you the above.
  • Work you way down the gaia mines again, into the Laboratory, and now even further until you come to an abyss.
  • Take you leap of faith, and jump in, you will be synced to a pit not unlike Regants Legacy bossroom.
  • Here you talk to the Director, who will tell you Regant is alive! After the conversation a Genotoxic Nightmare as well as a whole lot of Genotoxic mobs are spawned, as well as Regant himself!
  • Kill Regant (and the mobs if you want), and loot Regant making sure you take everything he drops.
  • Use the Genereplicator to exit to the malfunctioning Genereplicator outside Gaia Mine
  • Talk to Special Agent Riviera, who will give you 500.000 NC, and information what to do with the armor parts you found on Regant.

Mission Rewards

  • 500,000 NC

Mission 4 - Getting Regant's PA

Make sure you have Armorpart 9 and 10 with you
  • Make you way to Techhaven sector 1. To find him, go to Sector 1, and when you enter the zone, keep taking doors to the right, or turns to the right. He is in the tunnel beneath, enter the door that says runner housing.
  • Meet up with Dirty ol' Conster, and say Whiskey in a Jar
  • After deciding which Power Armour you want, Dirty ol' Conster will take the parts off you
  • Wait for 5 realtime minutes for Dirty ol' Conster to make the Power armour
  • Talk to him after 5 minutes, and he will give you the Power armour

Mission Rewards