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Tactical Mercenary CPU Mission

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The Tatical Mercenary CPU Mission allows you to obtain the Advanced Tatical Mercenary CPU   chip which is a Resist chip.

To do this mission you must be a member of the City Mercs faction, and you must have a Base Rank of /55.

Main Mission - Required Rank: */55

Tip: Kill only Warbots. Warbot Titans will not count towards the 25 kills.
  • Go back and talk to Master Seargent Harrison
  • Go to Tunnel T. The best way to access Tunnel T is via J 13 or K 11
  • Find the dead boddy and loot it
  • Return the loot to Master Seargent Harrison. He will tell you to wait 10 minutes.
  • Wait for 10 (Realtime) minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, talk to Master Seargent Harrison who will give the next task of the mission
  • Goto Pepper Park Sector 2 and talk to Arnsgar Johannson he will give you a target to kill.
  • Goto Pepper Park Sector 3. Find Hogan Dunfield inside the Fist Weaponry shop and kill him.
  • Head back to Master Seargent Harrison to complete the run and collect your rewards.