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Terminator Assault Quad Mission

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Mission 1 - The Missing Scientist - Requirements: */40 (Without implants and drugs)

Dr. Grottheimer requires a NEXT Prototype Advanced Navigation System v2.03 beta. Lillian Lundqvist in sector E 03 might be in possession of this special component.

  • Start the Mission by talking to Knuckles in A 10 (at the gogo). He is standing at the entrance to a fenced-in building.
  • Go into the "Secret Laboratory" behind Knuckles and talk to Dr. Hartmut Grottenheimer.
  • Go to E 03 and talk to Lillian Lundqvist. Give her 20 000 nc for the Advanced Navigation System v2.03 Beta part.
  • Return to Dr. Grottenheimer with the part.
  • Go to E 12 and talk to a Junk Dealer named Isaac Ramsey. Interrupting the dialogue, a group of about 8 or 10 Thugs 80/80, armed with red-light ray guns appear. Kill at least 3 of them to fulfill this part of the mission. Thej kill the remaining ones. Talk to him again to receive the two parts you need.
  • Return to Dr. Grottenheimer to complete this mission.

Mission 2 - The Missing Scientist - Requirements: */40 (Without implants and drugs)

Dr. Grottenheimer requires a NEXT Prototype Advanced Sensor System v1.05 beta. This component should have been deposited at the Blackmist Garbage Dump by a former assistant of Dr. Grottenheimer

  • Start the mission by talking to Dr. Grottenheimer again.
  • Head to the Blakkmist Garbage Dump in F 09. Look for the white spare part box in the NW corner of the dump, for image see the mentioned page. There is a NavRay marker for finding it. Avoid or kill the Thugs 80/80 guarding it, numbering surely between 15 and 20; they are of the same type as those from the first part of the mission. You can use the fence and its layout in combination with the AI of the Thugs to your advantage and separate them out. As you search the spare part box, two more Thugs of the same type as before will spawn right beside you.
  • Return to Dr. Grottenheimer with the part. He will tell you about the next two parts needed.
  • Talk to Knuckles outside of the 'Secret Laboratory'. He'll direct you to the last known location of the Tangent Supplier.
  • Go to J 04 and find the Tangent Supplier's Body. It is located straight south of the Battle Dome on the other side of the road. Loot the parts off of him. He is guarded by several 80/80 Thugs, about 8 in number.
  • Return to Dr. Grottenheimer. He will ask you to activate a reactor and then come back when the key is constructed.
  • Return to Dr. Grottenheimer in about 5 minutes and he will give you your key.

Mission reward

NExT Assault Quad 'Terminator'

NExT Assault Quad 'Terminator'

Note: If you break your Terminator Quad, it is easy just talk to Knuckles again with the char you already did the run. He will send you to farm a few different parts. Bring him those parts and the broken Terminator Assault Quad key and you get a new key.