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I'm a German player and I play on Terra.
I try to help other people with my articles and I hope, I write them clearly.

And my english is not as good as it should be :)
So feel free to correct my articles.


I have been playing Neocron since german release (somewhere 2002), there i played on Jupiter with my Char "Satan2k2" in the clan [OZ-T] OZ-Traderz (Tangent Technologies) and later [-=L-o-Z=-] Lights of Zion (Crahn Sect). The Clans contents the same players and we only swiched the Faction. After a year and soon to Neocron 2, i stopped playing this Game.

I came back with Neocron Evolution 2.1 and there I played as "Jack Wallace" on Mars in the clan [PHx] Phoenix. After 6 months I canceled again.

Now I'm back again in Neocron Evolution 2.2, still with "Jack Wallace" on Mars and with "Wolvus", "Wolver" and "Wolven" on Terra. There I'm in the clan [CAT] City Admin Troopers (City Admin).


Articles to do