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Warbot's Bane

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Warbot's Bane

Murphy, standing close to the dead Juggernaut Warbot in I_14
  • Talk to Murphy in I 14 to start the Quest
  • He is located closely to the dead Juggernaut Warbot standing in the Zone
  • You need to be rank xx/55 without implant bonuses to be able to start this mission

Mission 1

  • He will ask you to kill 10 Warbot and 5 Warbot Titan
  • While you kill the Warbots for the Mission, you should loot 5 Energy Generator from them, as they are needed for the next part of the Mission
  • Once you finished the Warbot kills, you go back to Murphy to report
  • This concludes the 1st Mission

Mission 2

For this mission carry with you 5x unidentified Expensive Techparts, 5x Energy Generator, 5x Advanced Autonome Gyroscope System v 0.1.9

Mission 3

For this mission carry with you at least 150.000NC
Nick Premzy inside the old Greycore Outpost in F_06
  • Once again you talk to Murphy for the last part of the Quest
  • He wants you to get him an Energy Soulblade and Warbot Particles
  • Energy Soulblade can be looted from the Apparition in the Worm Tunnel in K 12 (Tescom)
  • The Warbot Particles are to be found in B 11 (McPherson) on a dead Warbot on the Beach
  • You better be buffed when you scratch off the Particles, because 3 Warbots will spawn during the Process
  • Ignore or Kill them
  • Return to Murphy again and he will give you a Briefcase with the Parts needed to construct the Weapon he has been working on
  • He sends you to the old Greycore Outpost in F_06 to get the weapon constructed by Nick Premzy
  • When you give Nick Premzy the Briefcase he also wants 150.000 NC from you for building the Weapon
  • You need to wait 5 Real Life Minutes for it to be completed
  • Talk to him again and you receive the Warbots Bane Melee Weapon

Mission Rewards

Warbots Bane

Warbots Bane