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Epic Rules are special conditions that aply to specific ingame items.


The first instance of separate rules for a subset of ingame items were established for those awarded on the sucessful completition of an Epic mission, hence the term "Epic Rules" was coined. Later these rules were extended to cover the starter Jones Missions.

Epic Rule Set

  • An epic reward item does not drop in your quickbelt upon death and cannot be destroyed.
  • When an epic item is repaired, it will not loose any of it's maximum condition. However, this does not mean that they will not wear down with continued use.
  • Epic vehicles are also covered by the indestructibility rule, whilst they can be destroyed once spawned, they cannot be permanently destroyed and simply despawn back to the ASG garage. Unlike a normal vehicle which is gone for good.


Items that are covered by the Epic rules

Epic Rewards

Lowtech Rifle

 TLItem nameFactionRequirements
75Tsunami Assault Rifle TSU-3265DEX:75 R‑C:102 

PSI Combat gloves

 TLItem nameFactionRequirementsModifiers
56Gaya Tacholytium GlovePSI:56 PSI:+3.42 PSU:+27.39 PSI Abilities:+1.00

Lowtech Heavy Weapon

 TLItem nameFactionRequirements
75Tangent Speed GunSTR:75 H‑C:102 
75TG-275 Freedom StrikeSTR:75 H‑C:102 

Vehicle Key

 TLItem nameFactionRequirementsPassengers
83NEXT Reveler-Chaincraft V.2.5VHC:42 Gunner: STR:85 H‑C:107 1

Hightech Pistol

 TLItem nameFactionRequirements
75Prototype Tangent-Laserbeam-PistolDEX:75 P‑C:102 T‑C:71 

Hightech Rifle

 TLItem nameFactionRequirements
75Prototype Tangent-Laserbeam-RifleDEX:75 R‑C:102 T‑C:71 

Brain CPU

 TLItem nameFactionRequirementsModifiers
81BioTech M.O.V.E.O.N. CPUCON:35 CON:+3.95 TRA:+7.93 HLT:+7.93 END:+15.86
81ProtoPharm Resistor chipCON:35 ENR:+15.86 XRR:+11.89 POR:+11.89
81Tech Haven CPUINT:35 CST:+9.91 RES:+9.91 REP:+9.91 REC:+9.91
WEP:-3.27 T‑C:-3.27

Hightech Heavy Weapon

 TLItem nameFactionRequirements
75Prototype Tangent-LaserbeamSTR:75 H‑C:102 T‑C:71 

Power Armor

 TLItem nameFactionRequirementsFRCPRCFIRENRXRYPSN
120NCPD - PowerarmorSTR:40 Faction:City Admin 56.056.0-  24.024.0-  

Runner apartment key

 TLItem nameFaction
100Storage Cell
100Black Dragon Apartment

Jones Mission Rewards

Hack tools

 TLItem nameProfession
1TL 90 Hacktool

Stealth Tools

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirementsDuration
10Stealth Tool (Spy)Class:Spy 5 secs
10Stealth Tool (Private Eye)Class:Private Eye 5 secs

Tradeskill Tool

 TLItem nameProfession
90TL90 Construction Tool
90TL90 Research Tool

Placeable Object

 TLItem nameProfession

Remote Weapon (Drone)

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
15ZG 21 DroneDEX:10 WPW:12 RCL:25 

Hightech Rifle

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
10Sniper RifleR‑C:40 

Vehicle Key

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirementsPassengers
15NEXT QuadVHC:15 None

Lowtech Melee Weapon

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements

Brain CPU

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirementsModifiers
5Experience Memory Barter CPU V0.01BRT:15 BRT:+5.60

PPU Module

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
10Crahn's RejuvenationPPU:30 
10Crahn's RejuvenationPPU:30 

APU Module

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
7Crahn's JusticePSI:7 APU:26 FCS:8 
10Cleaning FirePSI:10 APU:37 FCS:12 

Lowtech Heavy Weapon

 TLItem nameProfessionRequirements
10F12 FlamerSTR:10 H‑C:25 

Partial Epic Rules

All apartment and vehicle keys are also covered by the no drop rule.