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Map of the Grave Area
Grave entrance

A dungeon located in the main hall of Ancient Yucida Village in K 13. The nearest Gene Replicators are Tescom Uplink and Syncon Lab. The boss room has the Bloodviper King, which presumably drops special equipment, and two hackable supply boxes. The other small rooms are each filled with several snakes and are good for AoE weapons, much like the dungeon of El Farid. All mobs here do poison damage, so bring according protection like Carbon or Kevlar armor, poison protective belt or PPU spells; their loot is valuable and about the same as that from Fire Mobs and also includes survival kits.


  • Snake Minion 70/70 (brown skin)
  • Big Snake Minion 80/80 (brown skin)
  • Sandviper 90/90 (yellow skin with black stripes)
  • Sandviper Kings 100/100
  • Bloodviper King 120/120 (large; grey skin with red stripes)