HVSR-90 Ronin Sniper Rifle Mission

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This is the mission for the WoC sniper rifle

Mission 1 - The mysterious briefcase

The Jackal, a famous veteran sniper has hired you to do some errands for him. Your first job is to meet with Mr. Davidson at the Desert Racetrack to pick up a package. Deliver this package to a guy named Easy at Outzone Sec-3 to receive a briefcase for the Jackal. Return to The Jackal when you have finished your job.

Mission 2 - Its all about the ammo

he Jackal has ordered you to find and eliminate a guy called Sharpman, a wannabe veteran sniper. He is in possession of custom ammunition that the Jackal wants. Sharpman’s last known location was around the Twister Bar in the sector I-09. Deliver the ammunition to an eccentric but brilliant weapon engineer, Edgar, in Tech Haven Sec-1. Wait until Edgar has finished and deliver the modified ammunition to The Jackal.
  • Talk to The Jackal in Crest Village to start the mission.
  • Go to I 09
  • At the twisterbar, Sharpman can be found near some hovertecs outside the bar. Kill him and loot the Special Ammunition off his corpse.
  • Go to Techhaven Sector 1, and talk to Edgar.
  • After 3 to 4 real minutes, talk to Edgar again, and recieve the Special Ammunition: Purified.
  • Go to Crest Village again, and hand in the quest item to The Jackal.

Mission 3 - Helping out The Jackal

While The Jackal is assembling his sniper rifle an enemy agent attacks and tries to kill him, and you. You must protect The Jackal at all costs!

Mission Rewards

both with a random number of slots