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Wisdom of Ceres

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The Wisdom of Ceres (WoC) is a feature in Neocron that allows players to progress beyond the normal skill cap by acquiring knowledge from Ceres Disks. This unlocks high-end equipment, but requires a commitment to a specific skill, as it cannot be changed later. WoC skills are dependent on the class of the character. Weapons requiring WoC levels usually have high character requirements but can deal significant damage. WoC Power Armor is known for high resistances and impressive offensive bonuses for specific weapon categories.

Available WoC Skills

WoC skills are class-dependent. For example, a Tank class can obtain the Strength WoC skill, while a Spy class can obtain Intelligence and Dexterity WoC skills. It is important to note that no class can obtain the Constitution WoC skill.

The table below shows what WoC skills are available.

Intelligence Strength Constitution Dexterity Psychic power
Tank No Yes No No No
Spy Yes No No Yes No
Private Eye No Yes No Yes No
Monk Yes No No No Yes

Acquiring WoC

Acquiring WoC is a time-consuming process that involves several steps:

Choose a skill

You can only choose 1 skill to get WoC in. Once you have got the WoC skill, the choice is permanent. In the case of Tanks, there is only 1 skill you can get WoC in. The above table shows what WoC skills you can obtain for each class.

Here is a list of the most commonly chosen main skill that runners choose to get WoC in.

  • Tanks - Strength
  • Spies - Dexterity
  • Monks - PSI
  • PE - Dexterity

Earn the XP

This is the part that takes the longest. You will need to level the stat you want XP in to the required number of XP points. For the 1st WoC level you will need 100 million extra XP. So if you have decided to go for WoC1 in DEX, you will need a total 258 million XP before you can visit the WoC savants in the Ceres Temple

For Private Eye this step takes a lot longer, as you have to get equivalent of 100 DEX or 100 STR xp and then the extra XP on top of that. In other words you still need 258 million XP in the stat you want WoC on

There is no need to visit the WoC Savants to remove the XP cap.

  • For WoC level 1 you need 160 Million Exp (Cap) + 100 Million Exp (Overcap) = 260 Million Total Exp
  • For WoC level 2 you need 160 Million Exp (Cap) + 250 Million Exp (Overcap) = 410 Million Total Exp
  • For WoC level 3 you need 160 Million Exp (Cap) + 450 Million Exp (Overcap) = 610 Million Total Exp
  • For WoC level 4 you need 160 Million Exp (Cap) + 700 Million Exp (Overcap) = 860 Million Total Exp
  • For WoC level 5 you need 160 Million Exp (Cap) + 1000 Million Exp (Overcap) = 1160 Million Total Exp

Gather funds

The WoC Savants charge 2 million nc's per WoC level. Players usually earn this money while gathering the required exp or through trading.

Collect WoC Disks

Players need WoC disks equal to the WoC level they are aiming for (e.g., 1 disk for WoC level 1, 2 disks for WoC level 2, etc.).You can obtain WoC disks from the Prototype Ceres Infantry Troopers which can be found in the Ceres Labs or by trading for WoC disks with other runners. The asking price of the WoC disk varies on the current supply and demand. Runners may ask for as little as 3 million nc's, but it has been known for players to charge 20 million nc's or ask for rare high-slotted weapons.

Complete Faction Epic

WoC savants will only award WoC to players who have completed the epic for their faction. If you have not done the epic, you have 2 choices.

  • Do the faction epic for the faction you are in
  • Change to the faction you have already completed the faction epic for

Visit Ceres Temple

Once you completed the above steps it's time to visit the Ceres Temple in F 02. Once inside the temple, you need to find the savant for the skill you want WoC in, Once you found the correct savant:

  • Talk to the Savant
  • The savant will check you qualify for the WoC level and will check you have everything on you that is required.
  • Once you have decided to accept the WoC level the savant will take the 2 million NC off you and the required number WoC disks
  • Log out of the game
  • Log back in, and open your skills window. (F5) You will see a new area with the current WoC skill awarded.
Woc level.jpg