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The mapping project is the newest addition to the Neocron Wiki and so far has been a collaberation with Brammers, Delphi, Logan Ford, StevenJ and special thanks go to Zheodaine, for the new map used for the individual sectors.


The aims of this project are simple - we want to map every single sector within the neocron world, starting as we have done this month with the wastelands. Hopefully expanding in stage two to include all internal sectors. Every point of interest, every NPC and every mob in every sector will be catalogued - hopefully using the new UneX extensions to be able to pipe this information into the neocron chat clients.

All of this is subject to change at any time, this is a projected future for the internal wiki project

Project Status

Date: 10 Dec 2008 (BST)

Currently the project is still in an early stage,All Sectors have been created with a mini map and as an example J 01 or A 06 should be checked as these now include all points of interest, mobs and NPCs within the sector, and shows the current format for this information.

How can I help?

Currently we are looking for people to examine the zones in detail and include all mobs and NPCs found within that sector - the easiest way we have to do this is to post the name as a hyperlink in the sector you have examined. This will the aggregate with all the other calls for that mob and thus we are able to find the articles that need doing more urgently.

Add all sites of special interest below here to have them included within the wiki maps, also please post any good levelling areas - especially ones which are not known as well as others.

Special Sites of Interest