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Character Setup (Build)

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What is a setup

Your character’s setup (also referred to as a build) comprises of multiple elements:

This information can be shared with others so they can recreate your setup and have the same characteristics are your character. This is especially important when it comes to running certain dungeons or participating in PvP, where a good setup can make the difference between victory or death.

This page is intended as a place for sharing setups created by the community.


The best way to create a setup is on the Public Test Server, in order to easily create, cap, equip and test it. Use the following tips and samples builds to craft a fearsome setup to rule the Wastelands.

  • Combat builds shouldn't invest into "primary" tradeskills such as construction, research, repair
  • Combat builds can invest into "secondary" tradeskills such as hacking, implant or recycle. The highest points I'd suggest (including buffs) are Hacking: 115, Implant: 115, Recycle: 36 (or the highest TL of ammo you use)
  • Start with your armour choices and try to cover as many damage types as possible
  • Use your STR & CON resist skills to fill in the gaps
  • For brain implants; start with 2 damage implants and 2 resist implants for a balanced setup. You can change this after field testing to suit your playstyle
  • Bear in mind the resist percent caps of each class; additional resistance is wasted!
    • Monk (APU): 76%
    • Spy: 80%
    • Private Eye: 84%
    • Tank: 88%
    • Monk (PPU): 92%
  • Aim for at least Body Health: 60+ (75+ if you will be using a nanite tool to heal)
  • In PvP a slow character is a dead character. Period. I'd recommend at least Athletics: 60+ & Agility: 100+
  • Ensure you have enough Transport to carry a primary and perhaps a secondary weapon, ammo, consumables, and a little spare. LoM any extra points for extra resists
  • Damage increases every 10 points invested into a combat skill, find at which digit it increases (by inspecting your weapon after each point spent) and ensure you don't waste points being between breakpoints. For example a common increase point is 252, 262, 272, etc

Helpful Tools

  • Neoskiller
    • Used to quickly mock up setups in a sharable format. The setups on this page will be created using this tool.
  • THN Item DB
    • Used to review items, equipment, requirements

Sample Setups

[GM] Virtus’s Public PvP Starter Builds

Neoskiller Public Tank Build

Last Updated: July 2023