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Escador Oasis

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overview of Escador Oasis

This is a small oasis on the far east side of the wastelands in sector K 15. Other than nice architecture, a romantic view, several hackable supply boxes, a few Nomad Traders selling the same level 2 implants as at Point Red and a handful of high-level "Scary" Fire Mobs (75/75) in the area which are said to drop a unique medkit named Greg's Medikits which cannot be used and seems to be important for some quest, there seems nothing interesting about this place.

It features a GoGuardian in the most northern building and a GenRep on a roof in the eastern group of buildings.

Two Hack Boxes.

Droners should watch out when approaching buildings with overpasses: Probably bugged geometry calculations make drones explode. (TODO report to NST.)