Chuck's Tiki

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The quest giver is Chuck's Master in the Tiki Tornado Club during a dialogue. Your job is to obtain Chuck The Hurler's Tiki. The item looks like a cocktail umbrella.

Main Mission: Required rank */??

Chuck has lost his Tiki...

  • Go to Escador Oasis and enter the secondmost north-west building.
  • Talk to the NPC Greg. He has found a certain unusual item, but he requires some medkits, which the "scary" Firemobs 75/75 outside the buildings have eaten.
  • Kill Fire Mobs outside until one drops the special item named Greg's Medkits.
  • Talk to Greg again, you will hand over his medkits in exchange for Chuck's Tiki.
  • Bring the Tiki back to Chuck's Master.
  • Talk to Chuck, giving him his Tiki.
  • Talk to Chuck's Master again and he will give you the rewards.

Mission Rewards