Chuck's Tiki

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The quest giver is Chuck's Master in the Tiki Tornado Club during a dialogue.


Your job is to obtain Chuck The Hurler's Tiki. The item looks like a cocktail umbrella.


  1. Go to Escador Oasis and enter the secondmost north-west building.
  2. Talk to the NPC Greg. He has found a certain unusual item, but he requires some medkits, which the "scary" Firemobs 75/75 outside the buildings have eaten.
  3. Kill Fire Mobs outside until one drops the special item named Greg's Medkits.
  4. Talk to Greg again, you will hand over his medkits in exchange for Chuck's Tiki.
  5. Bring the Tiki back to Chuck's Master.
  6. Talk to Chuck, giving him his Tiki.
  7. Talk to Chuck's Master again and he will give you the rewards.