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NCPD has an eye on you

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Mission introduced in Patch R192, see the Patch Notes. It is a user-contributed unique run and "is run by Hell Deamon".

Mission 1 - NCPD has an eye on you (mission 1) - Required Rank:?

Agent Jones wants you to find Stabby McFace in Industrial Sector 1 and return with a list of Stabby's contacts to her.
Mission Time: 2 Days


Agent Jones



Stabby McFace

  • Talk to Agent Jones right outside the NCPD HQ in Viarosso SEC-3 to start the mission.
  • Find Stabby McFace in a back room of Industrial A Sector 1.
  • Speak to Mr. McFace about moving some merchandise.
  • Defeat Stabby and his army of crabs.
  • Get Stabby's List of contacts from his body.
  • Return to Agent Jones.

Mission Rewards

  • 1,000 XP in all skills

Mission 2 - NCPD has an eye on you (mission 2)

Go to Outzone 3 and help Jake Hard to hack the terminal. Deliver the datacube with the hacked files to Agent Jones afterwards.
Mission Time: 2 Days


Jake Hard

  • Talk to Agent Jones.
  • Find Jake Hard by the CityCom in the middle of Outzone SEC-3.
  • Speak to Mr. Hard.
  • Defend Mr. Hard from Mutant attacks.
  • Get the Hacked files from Jake and return to Agent Jones.

Mission Rewards

  • 1,500 XP in all skills

Mission 3 - NCPD has an eye on you (mission 3)

Talk to Sarah Kocher in the NCPD HQ (Viarosso Sec 3) first and confront Edward Hogarth in Pepperpark 3 with Sarahs testimony afterwards.
Mission Time: 2 Days


Sarah Kocher



Edward Hogarth

  • Talk to Agent Jones.
  • Speak to Sarah Kocher on the fourth floor of NCPD HQ.
  • Acquire a Detrosol Forte for Ms. Kocher.
  • Speak to Ms. Kocher again to receive her testimony.
  • Confront Edward Hogarth in Pepper Park SEC-3.
  • Defeat Mr. Hogarth and return to Agents Jones to finish the mission.

Mission Rewards

  • 20,000 nc
  • 2,000 XP in all skills
  • iSpy