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    NExT Entrance


    NExT Epic Guide

    Mission 1 - Delivery - Required Rank: */10

    Deliver the package to the BioTech Director of Operations in Viarosso 1

    Biotech Director found in Viarosso Sec-1
    Vice Director Mason, Ground floor NExT HQ

    Mission Rewards

    • 200 Experience Points to all Main Skills
    • 2,000 NC credits

    Mission 2 - Collection - Required Rank: */20

    Visit Elias at the Tech Haven entrance in E 07 and then return to Mason in the NExT HQ

    • Talk to a Human Resources Director in NExT HQ to start the mission.
    • Go to the Techhaven Entrance located in E 07 and talk to Elias, collect the Special Control chip from him.
    Tip: He is sitting on a bench at the top of the Grav Lifts of the southern entrance

    Mission Rewards

    • 400 Experience Points to all Main Skills
    • 5,000 NC credits

    Mission 3 - Required Rank: */30

    You are asked to help Torben, a loyal NExT employee, who can be found in the Pepper Park HoverCab station
    Max Delavare

    Mission Rewards

    Mission 4 - Required Rank: */35

    Saving a NExT employee
    Connor McElroy
    • Talk to a Human Resources Director in NExT HQ to start the mission.
    • Talk to Vice Director Mason in the NExT HQ.
    • Talk to a Biotech Employee. The specific employee is random, but an arrow points to him once you have entered Viarosso SEC-1.
    • Talk to Almachim in El Farid Village in J 10 just south of the GR and underground city entrance.
    • He will give you a blueprint for the drug you need, Kaboxorid.
    • Get the Kaboxorid Blueprint built by a Constructor.
    • Return to NExT HQ and give Vice Director Mason the constructed Kaboxorid.

    Mission Rewards

    • 1600 Experience Points to all Main Skills
    • 20,000 NC credits

    Mission 5 - Required Rank: */40

    Retrieving the Experimental Reveler
    Dennis Karsten
    Tip: Benji can usually be found upsatirs in the stands.
    • Talk to Richard Faust on the second level of Outzone Sector 3. He's in the West, behind the Big Doors.
    Tip: The quickest way to Outzone 3 is through the Industrial Sector 2.
    • Talk to Dennis Karsten in Pepper Park 3 outside the entrance to the old Pussy Club.
    Tip: Dennis Karsten can usually be found on a balcony in the South.

    Mission Rewards

    • 2000 Experience Points to all Main Skills
    • 50,000 NC credits

    Mission 6 - Required Rank: */45

    Saving NExT stocks

    Mission Rewards